JORR Toll Road New Tariffs to be Applied This Month

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 26 September 2018
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Tol-JORR-300x184Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing has integrated all toll transactions in the Jakarta Outer Ring Road (JORR) Toll Road and it will be effective on Saturday, 29 September 2018 at midnight local time.

As previously reported, the transactions will be cut into a single transaction at the on-ramp gate. The JORR users currently have to make 2 or 3 transactions to use the 76-km JORR toll road that consist of 4 toll roads managed by different operators (BUJT).

The decision is stated in Ministerial Decree of Public Works and Public Housing Number 710/KPTS/M/2018 on the Amendments to Ministerial Decree of Public Works and Public Housing Number 382/KPTS/M/2018 on Determination of Group Types of Vehicles, Tariffs, and Integration of Toll Collection Systems in the Jakarta Outer Ring Road Section Section W1 Section (SS Penjaringan-Kebon Jeruk), North W2 Section (Kebon Jeruk-Ulujami), South W2 Section (Ulujami-Pondok Pinang), S Section (Pondok Pinang-Taman Mini), E1 Section (Taman Mini-Cikunir), E2 Section (Cikunir-Cakung), E3 Section (Cakung-Rorotan), Tanjung Priok Access Toll Road (Rorotan-Kebon Bawang), and Ulujami-Pondok Aren Toll Road.

In the press release by the Ministry, it is said that the consequences of the integration will change the tariff calculated from the average toll road rate multiplied by the average use of the toll road and the long-distance toll road users will be benefited from changes in rates compared to users traveling short distance.

With the integration, the JORR users will be charged with a single tariff of Rp15,000 for class I vehicles whereas class II and III vehicles will be charged with same tariff of Rp22,500, and class IV and V vehicle users will also pay the same tariff of Rp30,000.

Currently, class I vehicles from Penjaringan Interchange to Tanjung Priok Port Access Toll Road have to pay Rp34,000, while class V vehicles pay Rp94,500. With the integration, there will be an adjustment in class I tariff that will be decreased to Rp19,000 and class V tariff that will be decreased to Rp64,500.

However, users of Ulujami-Pondok Aren section who enter the toll road from Bintaro Viaduct to Pondok Aren still pay the old tariff of Rp3,000 for class I vehicles, while the users of Ulujami-Pondok Aren section heading to Ulujami will be charged with a new tariff of Rp15,000, previously Rp12,500.

The toll road operators, namely PT. Jasa Marga, PT. Jakarta Lingkarbarat Satu, PT. Marga Lingkar Jakarta and PT. Hutama Karya, have conducted dissemination to the public before the implementation of the new tariff. (BKP Kementerian PUPR/ES) (GWH/EP/Naster)

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