Launching New Rupiah Notes, President Jokowi: Love Rupiah, do not Spread False News

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 19 Desember 2016
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President Jokowi together with Governor of Bank Indonesia (left) and Minister of Finance (right) launched the issuance and circulation of 11 New Design Rupiah, Monday (19/12). (Photo: PR/Jay)

President Jokowi together with Governor of Bank Indonesia (left) and Minister of Finance (right) launched the issuance and circulation of 11 New Design Rupiah, Monday (19/12). (Photo: PR/Jay)

President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo launched the issuance and circulation of 11 New Design Rupiah of the 2016 Year Emission, at Bank Indonesia building, Jakarta, Monday (19/12) morning. The launch also marks the entry into force of 11 such notes and coins in the territory of Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

In his speech, President Jokowi said that to love rupiah is one manifestation of our devotion to the sovereignty and independence of our nation. “Each sheet of rupiah is a manifestation of our sovereignty as a nation that we are not doing transaction by using another country’s currency. Each sheet of rupiah is proof of Indonesian independence, self-reliance of our economy amidst the world economy,” the President said.

When it comes to the display of pictures of national heroes, dances, and landscapes of Indonesia in each sheet of rupiah, according to the President, it is a form of love towards our culture and the nation’s character.

Therefore, President Jokowi invites every person in the country to continue to love rupiah with concrete ways. Always use rupiah for every financial transaction in the country, and have savings in rupiah.

“I think it is important, I would say that if we love rupiah, then we do not make and spread strange, false rumors about rupiah. For insulting rupiah is tantamount to insulting Indonesia. Remember that rupiah will not be replaced and nothing can replace rupiah,” the President affirmed.

On the occasion, President Jokowi instructed that security elements in rupiah currency should continue to be strengthened to nip counterfeiting in the bud. He requested that security technology the state use be not defeated by the counterfeiters.

“I also pay attention to the availability of rupiah in various parts of Indonesia, including in the outermost and remote areas, on the veranda of Indonesia. Boost the availability and spirit of rupiah use throughout Indonesia,” the President said.

The President also emphasized that because rupiah is our identity, then he invites all citizens of Indonesia to preserve the dignity and sovereignty of rupiah in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and worldwide.

Pictures of National Heroes

On the 2016 Year Emissions of new design rupiah, the pictures of 12 national heroes are displayed. First, on the Rp100,000 note, pictures of first President Soekarno and Vice President of Indonesia M. Hatta are featured, while Ir. H. Juanda and Dr. G.S.S.J. Ratulangi are on the Rp50,000 and Rp20,000 notes respectively.

The Rp10,000 note has the picture of Frans Kaisiepo, and the Rp5,000 has Dr. K.H. Idham Chalid’s picture. The Rp2,000 and Rp1,000 notes have the pictures of Mohammad Hoesni Thamrin and Tjut Meutia respectively.

Meanwhile, the picture of I Gusti Ketut Pudja is on the Rp1,000 coin, and the Rp500 coin has the picture of Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Tahi Bonar Simatupang, the Rp200 has the picture of Dr. Tjipto Mangunkusumo and Rp100 coin has Prof. Dr. Ir. Herman Johanes’ picture.

Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) Agus Martowardoyo asserted that the issuance of new design currency does not necessarily cancel the use of the current rupiah currency which has been circulating in the community.

“The Rupiah banknotes and coins that have been circulating are still valid as long as Bank Indonesia does not revoke and withdraw its circulation,” Agus said. (DND/ES) (MUR/YM/Naster)

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