“Leave Ineffective Old-school Methods”, the President Says

By Humas     Date 29 Januari 2016
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Presiden Jokowi, didampingi Panglima TNI dan Kapolri, saat membuka Rapat Pimpinan TNI-Polri Tahun 2016, di Auditorium PTIK, Jakarta, Jumat (29/1). (Foto:Humas/Jay)

President Joko Widodo accompanied by the Commander of Indonesian National Defence Forces and Chief of Indonesian National Police at the opening of the 2016 TNI-Polri Executive Meeting at PTIK Auditorium, Jakarta, on Friday (29/1)

President Joko Widodo explained  the importance of productivity, work ethic, and competitiveness in facing the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA) era that has been started since the beginning of 2016. Therefore, we must start to leave ineffective old-school methods.

 “We must start to leave old patterns, ways, and traditions that make us move slowly, in order to respond to global changes. This is professionalism,” the President said when opening the 2016 TNI-Polri Executive Meeting at PTIK (Indonesian Institute of Police Science) Auditorium, Jakarta, on Friday (29/1) morning.


The President instructed Indonesian National Defence Forces (TNI) and Indonesian National Police (Polri) to strengthen the synergy as what they had done on bomb attack in Thamrin, Jakarta, several weeks ago.

 “Polri rapidly came to the blast site with the TNI backed it up though it did not move yet. If the TNI was needed, in one minute they would arrive at the location because they already got ready,” the President said while mentioning that this kind of synergy is really needed.

 “To solve the problem together, particularly those related terrorism and security disturbances,” the President added.

The President also asked TNI-Polri to move quickly and always be ready when a disaster, such as landslide, flood, or forest and peatland fires happens.

Moreover, the President reminded TNI-Polri to support and back-up the Government’s priority programs, for example, the programs related with land acquisition, illegal levy, and dwelling time.

On that occasion, President Joko Widodo also asked all leaders of TNI-Polri to go to the field. “Don’t just give instruction from behind your desks, because by seeing the real condition which is very dynamic, the solution can be immediately found,” the President affirmed.

Therefore, the President also instructed the apparatus of TNI-Polri to monitor food prices that become one of inflation sources. “To see whether there are some people play the price,” the President said.

To Exert All Efforts

Previously, the Chief of Indonesian National Police Badrodin Haiti, in his report, expressed the commitment of TNI-Polri to exert all efforts, strength, and capacity so that they can show their best and optimal performance in order to maintain the country’s sovereignty and security as the main requirement for the success of development.

 “TNI-Polri are committed to fully supporting all policies that are carried out by the President by optimally carry out their main duties, functions, and roles to enhance the synergy of cooperation with other stakeholders,” Haitisaid.

The Executive Meeting that featured the theme “With Professionalism and Mental Revolution as Its Basis, TNI-Polri are Ready to Protect the Government’s Policies,” was attended by 173 participants comprising of 65 TNI’s high-ranking officials, 42 Polri high-ranking officials, 32 Regional Police Heads, 17 high-ranking officials that are assigned outside Polri and 17 internal and external supervisors.

The opening of the Executive Meeting was attended by Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Luhut B. Pandjaitan, Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung, Attorney General Prasetyo, the Commander of Indonesian National Defence Forces Gen. Gatot Nurmantyo, and Chief of Indonesian National Police Gen. Badrodin Haiti. (DND/ES)(MMB/YM/Naster)


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