Local Media Platforms should be Protected, President Jokowi Says

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation
Date 8 Februari 2020
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President Jokowi walks towards the venue of National Press Day event in Banjarmasin City, South Kalimantan Province, Saturday (8/2). (Photo by: PR/Ibrahim).

The quality of information received by the public requires good journalism and media platforms, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has said.

“The Government should protect local media platforms so people get positive news. In other words, a healthy journalism industry is needed,” President Jokowi said in his remarks at the National Press Day Commemoration, in Banjarmasin City, South Kalimantan Province, Saturday (8/2).

President Jokowi went on to say that several digital platforms that exist without regulation have greatly subdued our press. Thus, he requested a number of Chief Editors to draft a regulation in order to protect local press.

“Do not let our digital platforms be taken over by others. They do not pay tax and there is no regulation,” he said.

According to the President, press regulation is rigid, while there is no policy on digital platforms. Digital platforms can easily make money from advertising and there is no regulation on this issue.

“A lot of countries have experienced the same issue. Regulations for digital platforms do not exist yet,” the President said.

On that occasion, the President said that the Government is currently carrying out various important agenda in order to realize an advanced Indonesia.

“The Government prioritizes several programs which aim to realize an advanced Indonesia, including infrastructure development, human capital development, simplification of regulations through the omnibus law, bureaucratic reform, economic transformation, and capital city relocation,” the President said.

Regarding the relocation of capital city, President Jokowi said that the Government will accelerate its movement, considering that the new capital will have the best technology, the best innovation, and a good work system

“Moving the capital will show our superiority as a nation because it is not just moving buildings, offices, location, or people. We want to install a system that will transform us in many ways, including mindsets, work patterns, and our speed in work culture,” the President said.

The Government will implement as well a 21st-century urban lifestyle, such as low carbon, environmentally friendly, and smart city.

“In the new capital, we also want all vehicles to be electric and autonomous, pedestrian-friendly, bicycling friendly, and close to the nature,” the President said.

The Government, the President continued, will make economic transformation based on research and innovation for the new capital. It will build smart offices, world-class research and innovation clusters, as well as world-class research universities. They will become hubs of global talents that collaborate for an advanced nation. In addition to that, supporting facilities will be also built in the new capital and its surrounding areas.

“The Governor of South Kalimantan told me that if there is a toll road, it only takes about 3-4 hours to reach the new capital. Especially from Batulicin, it will be around 1.5 hours through the toll road,” President Jokowi said.

“Earlier the Governor of South Kalimantan also said that there are still 300 thousand hectares area for the new capital if necessary.” the President said, adding that the Government will establish a nursery since an area of 100 hectares and 17 million tree seedlings are going to be prepared.

“I believe that we all still remember the press struggle for the nation, including for the unity and integrity of the nation, in order to realize an advanced Indonesia,” the President said at the end of his remarks. (HIM / EN)



Translated by: Syarifah Aisyah
Reviewed by: Mia Medyana

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