Maintaining WTP, Cabinet Secretariate Held In House Training on SAIBA

By Humas     Date 26 Oktober 2014
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Maintaining WTP, Cabinet Secretariate Held In House Training on SAIBA

Cabinet Secretariat (Setkab) held an In-House training on Accrual based – Accounting Information System (SAIBA) for two days, October 21st – 22nd 201, in Jakarta. It aims to maintain the opinion of fair (WTP) from the Audit Board (BPK).

Head of Planning and Finance Bureau at Cabinet Secretariat M. Amperawan, S.E., M.Si., explains the training is accordance with mandate of Law number 17 of 2003, article 23 paragraph 2 about State Finace and Government Regulation (PP) number 71 of 2010 on Standardization of Government Accounting (SAP).

“In accordance with the Law, start from January 1st 2015 all ministries and government institution, Province government, Regions and Cities, use Accrual Based SAP in preparing their Financial Statement, previously was Cash Based SAP”, said Amperawan.

According to Kadek Imam Eriksiawan from Directorate of Accounting and Reporting (DJPB) – Ministries of Finance, the Cabinet Secretariat is the first government institution that follows up workshop which previously held by Ministries of Finance in preparation for enacting SAIBA.

Keep The Achievement

Since has its own finance division in 2012, Cabinet Secretariat successfully achieves WTP in assessment from BPK until 2013.

On that achievement, Cabinet Secretariat also receives award from the government in category “Success in Preparing and Presenting Financial Statement With Highest Standard in Government Accounting and Financial Reporting”. The WTP assessment and award achievement results from synchronization of commitment between leaders and staffs of Cabinet Secretariat in conducting state financial planning.

On the occasion, M. Amperawan, who at the time is also team leader of Preparation on Cabinet Secretary Job Memorial 2009 – 2014, said the Job Memorial has Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam recommendation, hope for all employees of Cabinet Secretariat to maintain all the achievements.

Related to the issue that Cabinet Secretariat would be merged with State Secretariat and Staff of Presidential, M. Amperawan said that all the achievements Setkab gained during previous administration could be a useful points for leadership of State Secretariat and Staff Presidential in serving President Jokowi and Vice President JK in realizing people’s expectation of Great Indonesia 2015 – 2019. (*/ES)(Ifp)

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