Manpower Minister Tells Companies to Reinforce Health Protocols

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 16 Juni 2021
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Companies must continue to enforce strict health protocols in the workplace, particularly amidst the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in several regions, Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah has said.

“Regarding the spike in COVID-19 cases that occurred in several regions, we remind companies to implement the COVID-19 health protocols in their respective workplaces,” she said in a written statement, Wednesday (16/6).

Ida said that the discipline of complying with health protocols is part of efforts to protect business continuity, while protecting the safety and health of workers in the workplace.

“The Government prioritizes the safety of workers by preventing the spread of the corona virus in the workplace. By doing so, we hope that business productivity will gradually recover, and the national economy will also gradually return to normal,” she added.

The Minister went on to say that since the beginning of the pandemic, the Ministry has issued several regulations for the prevention and control of COVID-19. One of which is Circular of Minister of Manpower Number M/3/HK.04/III/2020 on Protection of Workers and Business Continuity in the Context of Prevention and Control of COVID-19.

Ida pointed out that the prevention regulations are very important and must be applied strictly in the workplace, because those regulations can help companies and offices to devise a plan to deal with COVID-19.

“By following those regulations and implementing health protocols, we will be able to suppress the spread of the virus or new clusters in the workplace,” she said.

Furthermore, Ida said that the Ministry had also carried out dissemination and direct supervision to various industrial areas, shopping centers, hotels, and others. She mentioned that there is awareness from business actors to obey health protocols in the workplace.

In addition, the Ministry has also compiled guidelines for workers who are returning to work, protecting workers in the Work Accident Insurance (JKK) program in cases of COVID-19 due to work, increasing labor development and inspection, and increasing collaboration with stakeholders.

“We also carry out dissemination and publications through the Corona K3 Command Post, the K3 Service System Portal, as well as through various communication channels so that the message comes across to entrepreneurs, workers, and the wider communities,” she said. (Public Relations of Ministry of Manpower / UN) (EST / MUR)

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