Mensesneg: Commemoration the 70 Years Independence of RI Becomes a Momentum to Perform the Change

By Humas
Date 18 Agustus 2015
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Mensesneg Pratikno as Inspector of the Ceremony of 70th Anniversary of Independence of RI, in Ministry of State Secretariat, Jakarta, Monday (17/8) morning

The staffs in the Ministry of the State Secretariat and the Cabinet Secretariat perform the ceremony of Anniversary of 70th Proclamation of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, on yard of the State Secretariat office, Jakarta, Monday (17/8) at 6:45 pm.

Minister of State Secretary (Mensesneg), Pratikno, acting as Inspector Ceremony, on the occasion expressed his gratitude to the heroes who have struggled for freedom.

In order Indonesia’s progress equal with other countries, Mensesneg invited all staffs in the Ministry of State Secretariat and Cabinet Secretariat to use the momentum Anniversary of Proclamation of Independence to make changes in accordance with Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, and Nawa Cita development plan, which has been prepared President Jokowi.

Minister of State Secretary also hoped that Indonesia is an example in building synergies between institutions, becomes a superior organization. For this reason, all parties need to be given the opportunity to continue learning and develop themselves.

“In that way, a good leader is able to develop organizational and human resources,” Pratikno said.

At the end of his speech, Minister of State Secretary congratulated the employees who received promotions and positions.

In addition, Minister of State Secretary also thanked the employees who retire and look forward to continue wider devotion in the community.

Present in the ceremony among others Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law, and Security, Luhut B. Pandjaitan, Deputy Cabinet Secretary, Bistok Simbolon, and officials echelon I, II, and III in the State Secretariat and Cabinet Secretariat. (EN/RAH/ES)

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