Minister Calls for Civil Servants Active Participation on Population Census

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 11 Mei 2022
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Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform Tjahjo Kumolo Monday (05/09) has issued Circular Number 14 of 2022 on Support for the Implementation of the 2020 Long Form Population Census and Active Participation of the State Civil Apparatus.

“The state civil apparatus plays an important role in the success of the 2020 Long Form Population Census (Long Form SP2020) data collection activities by ensuring participation and filling in data on the Long Form SP2020 in a precise and accurate manner, so that a more detailed demographic parameter on education, disability, employment and housing can be obtained,” the Circular reads.

For the record, the extended census population through data collection will be carried out throughout May-June 2022 and the Minister asked Personnel Supervisor Officer (PPK) of ministries/institutions to hold a dissemination related to the Long Form SP2020 to respective civil service apparatus using comprehensive materials from Statistics Indonesia (BPS).

“The state civil apparatus welcomes the Statistics Indonesia officers and gives honest and correct answers to the questions given,” Tjahjo states.

Law Number 16 of 1997 on Statistics is the background of the Circular’s issuance, where data collection activities are needed through the enumeration of all population units throughout the country to obtain the characteristics of a population at a certain time, better known as the census.

In addition, the census is also carried out in the economic, agricultural, and population sector. In 2020, Statistics Indonesia had conducted the 2020 population census (SP2020), the results of which could describe accurate demographic parameters as material for the formulation of national development planning. (Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform PR/UN) (GWH/MUR)

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