Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs: Pancasila Makes Us More Mature in Politic

By Humas     Date 2 Oktober 2014
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Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs: Pancasila Makes Us More Mature in Politic

Ministry of State Secretariat and Cabinet Secretariat held the Commemoration Ceremony of Pancasila Sanctity Day on Wednesday, October 1, 2014, in the yard of State Secretariat Building Jakarta. Acting as the ceremony inspector was Deputy of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports Coordination, the Coordinating Ministry of People’s Welfare, Haswan Yunaz.

Minister of Education and Culture Affairs Mohammad Nuh as the person in charge of the National Commemoration of Pancasila Sanctity Day which the message delivered by Haswan Yunaz, urged people to continue grow the values of Pancasila to all generations, particularly the next generation of our beloved Indonesian nation.

In this context, education is the system that could conduct it effectively, because the system of education, excavation, plantation, development and implementation of Pancasila values could be conducted in systemic, systematic and massive.

“Starting in 2013, along with the implementation of 2013 curriculum, we have conducted the strengthening in Pancasila and Nationality Education subject and the other subjects, whether its substance or its learning methodology. Therefore we will produce citizens who love and be proud of their nation and country, at the same time they will be the effective and responsible citizens,” Muhammad Nuh said it in his speech.

Muhammad Nuh said that, besides to unite the nation and country completely, Pancasila strengthens the life foundations of social, economy, culture, and politic in our society.

“The values of Pancasila have made our people be more mature in politic life as we showed in the Public Election several time ago. It also wards the opinion about Pancasila that lacks of attention since the 1998 Reformation,” Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs wrote it on his speech.

For that reason, according to him, the theme of celebration of the Pancasila Sanctity Day in 2014, “The Strengthening of Pancasila Values to Improve the Democracy Quality” was very right.

Muhammad Nuh continued that the fact of recent social politic should confirm our attitude that Pancasila is the source of national identity at the same time as the country foundation. As the country philosophy, Pancasila is the reference to create the fair, prosperous, and welfare Indonesia.

Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs exemplified one of the phenomenon in the Globalization Era is the inter-limit of international values even between community and smaller society groups, among those values or ideologies is radicalism. Radicalism and the other ideology are absolutely contrasted with Pancasila that respects and appreciates diversity.

“For that reason, we have to be grateful and keep strengthening Pancasila that shows and possible us to live side by side in peace, harmony, and full of tolerance with anyone who has different background of religion, ethnic, race, custom in a frame of the Unitary State of Republic Indonesia. At the same time, we have to scrape the seeds and the growth of radicalism ideologies and the similar one,” Muhammad Nuh said.

The ceremony of Pancasila Day in 2014 was followed by the officers and employees of in the Ministry of State Secretariat, the Cabinet Secretariat, the Coordinating Ministry for Politic, Legal, and Security Affairs, the Coordinating Ministry for People’s Welfare Affairs, the Ministry of Woman Empowerment and Child Protection Affairs, the Presidential Working Unit for Supervision and Management of Development (UKP4), the Presidential Advisory Board, the National Disaster Mitigation Board (BNPB), and the National Defense Board.

 (Humas Setkab/ES)

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