Minister of Home Affairs Issues Regulation on THR and the 13th Month Salary Paid by Regional Gov’t

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 18 April 2022
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Minister of Home Affairs Muhammad Tito Karnavian has issued Circular Number 900/2069/SJ on Payment of Religious Festivity Allowance (THR) and the 13th Month Salary Derived from Regional Budget, Fiscal Year 2022. Through the Circular signed by Tito on 18 April 2022, Minister of Home Affairs called on governors and regents/mayors throughout Indonesia to accelerate the payment of  THR and the 13th salary.

The beneficiaries of THR and the 13th month salary paid by the regional government are, among others, state civil apparatus and state civil apparatus candidates working at regional institutions; government employees with work contract working at regional institutions; governor and vice governor; regent / mayor and vice regent / mayor; chairpersons and members of the regional house; head of regional public service agency (BLUD); non-state civil apparatus employees working at regional institutions that implement BLUD financial management model.

In providing THR and the 13th month salary, the regional government also needs to do measures to accelerate the implementation, such as preparation and acceleration in issuing the Regional Head Regulation on technical implementation of THR and the 13th month salary. The THR is targeted to be paid ten working days before Eid al-Fitr. Meanwhile, the 13th month salary will be paid at least in July.

For the regions who have not provided it yet or do not have enough budget allocation from the Regional Budget Fiscal Year 2022, they need to provide THR and the 13th month salary soon. It can be done by optimizing budget allocation for salary and allowance payment in the Regional Budget Fiscal Year 2022, or by switching the budget ahead of the regional budget revision derived from unplanned budget allocation.

“The budget management of THR and the 13th month salary of 2022 is conducted in order, transparent, and accountable manners according to laws and regulations and by considering the capability of regional finance,” Minister of Home Affairs affirmed in the Circular.

Additionally, Governors as the representatives of the Central Government is called to monitor the provision and payment of THR and the 13th salary in each regency / city. (PR Office of Ministry of Home Affairs/UN)(AW/LW)

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