Minister of Religion Directly Lead the Delegation of Indonesian Hajj 1436H / 2015

By Humas     Date 27 Agustus 2015
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Haji Lukman

Minister of Religion Directly Lead the Delegation of Indonesian Hajj 1436H / 2015

Minister of Religion, Lukman Hakim Saifuddin will lead directly (Amirul) the Indonesian Hajj delegation on the implementation of the Hajj in 1436 AH / 2015. Two (2) deputy leader or Naib, namely, KH. Masdar Farid Mas’udi, Rais Syuriah NU, and Syamsul Anwar from  Muhammadiyah will accompany minister of Religious Affairs.

According to Minister of Religion, as the Amirul Hajj of Indonesian Hajj mission he will monitor the organization operational of the Hajj. It is also carrying out the rituals (manasik) guidance for officers and Indonesian pilgrims.

“Amirul hajj also conducts monitoring and evaluation, so that for next year the organization of the pilgrimage could be better,” Minister of Religion said.

While the Director General of Hajj and Umrah Abdul Djamil hope that the tasks of Amirul Hajj delegation goes well and smoothly.

“Kindly praying that the Amirul Hajj group were given health and long life so as to carry out the task as well as possible, and service to pilgrims can be increased than before,” Djamil said.

According to Djamil, Amirul Hajj delegation, will represent the pilgrims when held meetings and an invitation from the King of Saudi Arabia. In addition, the Amirul Hajj pilgrims represented in the meeting between the Amirul Hajj worldwide.

He also said, as secretary Amirul Haj at this time is Achmad Gunaryo, the Head of Legal and Foreign Cooperation of the Ministry of Religion. As for the members Amirul Hajj are from members of Islamic organizations. (Humas Kemenag/ES)

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