“Minister of Youth and Sports Does the President’s Directions”, Seskab Says

By Humas     Date 26 Februari 2016
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Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung answers the journalists’ questions in his working room, on Friday (26/2) afternoon

Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung received a number of journalists in his working roomon Friday (26/2) afternoon. Starting his interview, Pramono explained the issue of Indonesian Football Association (PSSI). He said that all helpers of the President must obey the President’s instructions. It is unquestionable.

“Minister of Youth and Sports was asked by the President to study and give recommendations. After the report is complete and comprehensive, the decision should be made before 26 February 2016.

For the record, 26 February 2016 is the congress of Federation of International Football Association (FIFA). The letter will be issued or not, only means two things.

“If the Minister issues the letter, it means the study is already complete and it is the right time. If it is not issued until tomorrow, it means the Minister does the President’s instruction,” Mas Pram, Pramono Anung’s nickname, added.It is impossible if the Minister does not obey the President. The Cabinet Secretary also thought that this problem should not be blowed up and anyone should not feel that the information is not disseminated proportionally.

“Because anyone who acts on behalf of the President should have listened, studied, seen, and collected the data. Moreover, it is impossible for Presidential Communication Team to release something without the President’s direction,” Pramono said.

Pramono also added that last night he already talked with Minister of Youth and Sports, “We will see tomorrow, the letter is issued or not. Whatever it is, it is based on the President’s direction. The Minister must have consulted with the President ,” Pramono said.

Ambassador Appointment Issue

The Cabinet Secretary also responded to the issue of newly appointed ambassadors who are former volunteers in the presidential elections. He explained that Ambassadors are Indonesia’s representatives abroad, thus, their appointment has been carefully considered and it takes into account their capacities.

“Helmy Fauzy was a volunteer. However, if we look at his track record, he is a member of Commission I of the House of Representatives (DPR) from Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI Perjuangan), for two periods,” he said. From this, we can see his capacity and capability.

In this regards, Pramono Anung said that the President considers someone’s capacity and capability. It has been proved at fit and proper test in DPR. “He was among the top ranks. Once someone is appointed for a position, he must concentrate on his work,” the Cabinet Secretary concluded. (DID/EN)(MMB/YM/Naster)

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