Minister Pushes for Affordable STB Supply

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 11 Januari 2023
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Minister of Communication and Informatics Johnny G. Plate (Photo by: PR of Secretariat Cabinet/ Rizki)

Minister of Communication and Informatics Johnny G. Plate has encouraged industries to provide set-top box (STB) at affordable price.

“We have switched off analog signal in many regions and have also received inputs from the public. Some of the issues to be monitored and become the Government’s attention are distribution and availability of STB at affordable price,” the Minister said, Wednesday (01/11).

The Minister also encouraged industries to pay close attention to distribution and availability of STB in order to improve people’s access to digital broadcast.

“We want this matter to be coordinated with related associations. It needs to be followed up so manufacturing companies can provide enough supply,” he said.

Johnny G. Plate went on to say that the supply will affect the price of STB in the market; thus, strategic steps are needed to ensure the availability of affordable STB for the public.

“It’s become our concern since some people bought the STB at their own expense and they also install it on their own. There are also some people who are eligible for free STB but it has not been distributed and installed,” he said.

For the record, migration of TV broadcast from analog to digital broadcasts through the analog switch off (ASO) program has been done in 265 out of 514 regions. The Government will also continue implementing the program in other 249 regions. (UN) (RAS/EP)

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