Ministers Laud Press on 2024 National Press Day

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 9 Februari 2024
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In a bid to commemorate the 2024 National Press Day on Friday (02/09), ministers of the Indonesia Onward Cabinet expressed appreciation to the nation’s press for its contributions.

The ministers stated that the role of the press is critical and fundamental for a country with a democratic system.

“As the fourth pillar of democracy, the press plays a crucial role in maintaining a balance between the pillars of state administration, society, and also the reality in the society,” Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung said in a video aired on the Cabinet Secretariat’s YouTube channel.

In addition, the members of the cabinet also expressed their appreciation for the role of the press as a government partner in educating the public.

“I have a deep impression of how our press colleagues tirelessly help report the Government’s strategic programs and also proudly promote local products,” said Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Teten Masduki.

Similarly, Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno LP Marsudi also lauded the positive contribution of the press in the success of the ministry’s work program.

“Journalists and the media are the ministry’s partners in conveying the achievements of diplomacy as well as educating the public about the 4+1 foreign policy priorities. These four [priorities] are economic diplomacy, protection of Indonesian citizens, sovereignty, and increasing Indonesia’s role at the regional and global levels, while the plus one is diplomatic infrastructure,” Retno said.

In the health sector, Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin underscored the crucial role of the press during the COVID-19 pandemic. Budi pointed out that the press greatly contributed to the success of the COVID-19 vaccination program.

“Thanks to the help of the press, the people were informed so that the coverage of the first dose reached 83 percent and the second dose reached 71 percent,” he said.

Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Bintang Puspayoga also said that the press was among the first to support her in carrying out her ministerial duties.

“They accompany me during my assignments to our country’s remote areas where there are abused women whose voices are not heard and children whose rights are not fulfilled,” said Bintang.

Similarly, Minister of Agriculture Andi Amran Sulaiman also welcomed the press contribution. “My duties as Minister of Agriculture are dominated by field visits. I visit the fields to have dialogues with farmers, ensuring that food production activities run well. We believe that without the support of the press, our activities cannot be optimized,” Amran said.

Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati also underlined the importance of the press as a partner in educating the public on state finances. Not only that, the Minister also expreesed appreciation on the hard work of the press in maintaining the integrity of information for the community and building the nation’s civilization.

“I really appreciate the hard work and dedication of members of the press who continue to work very hard to adapt and even have to fight against various currents of change that may not always maintain the clarity, intelligence, and integrity of information for the public,” the Minister said.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno also lauded the hard work of the press in ensuring government programs are informed to the entire community.

“Hopefully, the Government and the press can continue to collaborate in reporting actual and reliable information related to government policies, especially the tourism sector and Indonesia’s creative economy,” Sandi said. (FID/RSF/UN) (FI/LW)

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