Ministry of Finance to Take Firm Action Against Foreign Tax Evaders

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 25 Mei 2016
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Minister of Finance Bambang Brodjonegoro speaks to reporters

Indonesian Minister of Finance Bambang Brodjonegoro instructs the Ministry’s  Directorate General of Taxation to take a firm action against foreign tax evaders in the past 10 years or those that always claim to have suffered from financial losses.

“A more strict investigation to foreign tax evaders,” Bambang said on Wednesday (25/5) in Jakarta.

Bambang personally instructs heads of Regional Directorate General of Taxation to investigate the companies more thoroughly according to the prevailing laws and logical thinking.

The Minister also hopes the tough measures will boost tax revenues but will not disrupt business climate in the country.

“I have told regional offices, particularly in regions that have many foreign investment distribution companies to pay more attention to this issue. We want to receive optimal tax revenues. So, we need to be focused to fix things that are not in line with the prevailing regulations and logical thinking,” Bambang concluded. (Humas Kemenkeu/ES) (RAS/EP/YM/Naster)

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