Ministry to Complete Sukamahi, Ciawi Dams in 2021

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 7 Desember 2020
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Construction of a dam. (Photo by:

The construction of Sukamahi and Ciawi dams in Bogor Regency which is part of Jakarta Flood Control plan will be completed by 2021.

The two dry dams are developed in an effort to reduce vulnerability of Jakarta to flood. The construction is carried out by Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing through Main Station for River Basin Management (BBWS) Ciliwung-Cisadane.

Minister of Public Works and Public Housing said that the dry dam has different operational system than regular dam. Dry dam holds back water in raining season only, and stays dry in dry season.

Ciawi and Sukamahi dams are the first dry dams to be developed in Indonesia. The dams are not constructed for the purpose of irrigation or water supply but solely for flood control.

Sukamahi dam which has been constructed since 2017 is 60 percent completed. Meanwhile, land acquisition progress has reached 92.67 percent or 40.86 hectares from the total of 46.7 hectares. The dam which can accommodate 1.68 million cubic meters of water is built on 5.23 hectares of land by state-owned construction firm Wijaya Karya-Basuki Joint Operation Scheme on a budget of Rp447.39 billion.

On the other hand, construction progress of Ciawi dam has reached 73 percent. The work has been carried out by contractors PT. Brantas Abipraya dan PT. Sacna since 2 December 2016.

Land acquisition process of the two dams is financed in bailout scheme in which the contractors paid for the construction first and it will be reimbursed by the Finance Ministry’s State Asset Management Agency (LMAN).

Ciawi dam which can accommodate 6.05 million cubic meters of water is built on 39.40 hectares of land on a budget of Rp798.7 billion. The dam will reduce flood volume flowing to Jakarta and hold back water from Mountain Gede and Mountain Pangrango flowing downhill into Ciliwung River. The dam is predicted to reduce flood by 111.75 cubic meters per second.

Ciawi and Sukamahi dams will also reduce flood volume at Manggarai Water Gate by 577.05 cubic meters per second. In total, water volume at Manggarai Water Gate will be reduced by 517.05 cubic meters per second by taking into account 60 cubic meters per second of water volume which is cut by East Flood Canal (Kanal Banjir Timur) through Ciliwung flood control.

Beside physical infrastructures, the Ministry also developed telemetry flood early warning system that records water level in several water gates and monitoring posts such as in Katulampa, Depok, and Manggarai. The Ministry also provides hourly update on information of water level in water gates and monitoring posts, as well as the weather and water level status of all rivers in Greater Jakarta (Jabodetabek). (Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing PR/UN) (RAS/LW)

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