Mobile Phones Importers Shall to Build the Factory in Indonesia

By Humas     Date 22 Januari 2015
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Mobile Phones Importers Shall to Build the Factory in Indonesia

The Importers mobile phone in Indonesia are required to have the assembly factory at the end of 2015, in accordance with Regulation of the Minister of Trade No. 82 of 2012 on the Import of Cellular Phone, which aims to reduce the number of mobile phone import.

“In accordance with the Regulation of Minister of Trade, after three years the importers will be evaluated and required to build factory in Indonesia,” said Director of Industrial of Electronics and Telematics, the Ministry of Industry Ignatius Warsito in Jakarta, Wednesday (21/1).

Warsito said, if there are importers that not yet have assembly factory at the end of 2015, then the license of the registered Importers (IT) is automatically revoked by the Ministry of Trade.

Warsito added, South Korean mobile phone manufacturer Samsung has invested of  20 million US dollars to build factory in Indonesia with a capacity up to one million units per month.

In addition he continued, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Oppo also invest amounting 30 million US dollars to set up factory in Tangerang with a production capacity of 500 thousand units of mobile phone per month, which ready for operation in March 2015.

According to Warsito, mobile phone importers can cooperate with domestic companies to undertake the assembly of mobile phone, as conducted by the mobile phone manufacturer Haier, which chose to work with the owned factory of Sanyo to produce mobile phones. (Humas Kemendag/ES)

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