Monday, President Jokowi Inaugurates 1,974 Young Civil Service Graduates of IPDN

By Humas     Date 15 Juni 2015
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Monday, President Jokowi Inaugurates 1,974 Young Civil Service Graduates of IPDN

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), Monday (15/6), is scheduled to inaugurate of 1,974 Young Civil Service graduates of the Institute of Public Administration (IPDN) Jatinangor, Lapanagan Parade Abdi Praja IPDN Jatinangor, Sumedang Regency, West Java, at 09.30 pm.

All 1,974 of Young Civil Service consisted of 1,384 men and 590 women, who will be government administrators that scattered throughout the region.

Before inaugurated by President Jokowi, the candidate of Young Civil Service had graduated by the Minister of Home Affairs, Tjahjo Kumolo together with Rector of IPDN, Dr. Suhajar Diantoro, M.Si, through the open session procession of the IPDN Senate, in the Building Hall of Rudini, Sunday (14/6).

Informed that the best graduate of diploma IV program achieved by Devia Hestina Arina S. STP from Kabupatan Lamongan, East Java, who won the award Kartika Asta Brata. While graduates S1 achieved by Diana Hanifa S.IP from Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra, who won the award Pradnya Kartika Utama.

Market Operation

After inaugurating the young civil servants, President Jokowi will release as many as 30 trucks of rice in Bulog Cimindi Warehousing Complex in Cimahi, West Java. The release of this rice truck, indicating that the distribution of rice for the poor (Raskin) and cheap market for all regions in Indonesia.

Head of Department of Cooperation of Industry, Trade, and Agriculture (Diskopindagtan) Cimahi, Huzen Rachmadi said, starting on Monday (15/6) Cimahi will gets 30 trucks package consisting of Raskin and cheap market.

“There are 30 trucks. As many as 15 trucks to cheap market operations that have been placed on the Cimindi Market and Atas Market, while 15 other trucks for the Raskin program, in the area Cibeureum and Leuwigajah,” Huzen Rachmadi said.

Huzen Rachmadi added, in every truck that contains of rice packs of 15 kg each, 1-ton rice package contents 5 kg each, and 1 ton of sugar package contents of 1 kg each.

“For rice sold at the range of Rp 8,200/kg, and for sugar sold for Rp 10,900/kg,” Huzen Rachmadi said.

In the afternoon, the President will lead a plenary Cabinet meeting at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, on the Government Work Plan of 2016. (Humas Setkab/WID/ES)

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