National Committee on Governance Policy Plays a Strategic Role in Handling of Pandemic, Economic Recovery

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 1 April 2021
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The virtual Coordination Meeting of the National Committee on Governance Policy (KNKG) attended by Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Economic Affairs Satya Bhakti Parikesit. (Photo by: Documentation of Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs)

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto has stated that during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the National Committee on Governance Policy (KNKG) holds a strategic position and plays a strategic role in assisting the Government to handle the pandemic and recover the national economy.

Airlangga, who also helms the KNKG Steering Committee, made the statement at the virtual Coordination Meeting of the National Committee on Governance Policy (KNKG) for 2021-2024 period, Wednesday (31/3).

During the meeting, Airlangga also said that the KNKG was formed to achieve good governance and corporate management in order to improve the performance of the national economy. The KNKG is expected to help the Government sector, the State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), and private sectors, especially the health sector that can revitalize the national economy.

The KNKG is also expected to monitor and evaluate the implementation of governance in risk-based business licensing at central and regional government levels, in accordance with the mandate of Law Number 11 of 2020 on Job Creation.

“The KNKG in this period will be different since the Government’s expectation is higher, not only in terms of governance but also dissemination. We believe if professionals and practitioners involve echelon I officials from ministries/institutions, it will open access to all ministries,” Airlangga said.

On that occasion, the Coordinating Minister also said that the corporate sector can still survive during the pandemic, likewise the MSME sector through stimulus provided by the Government. This proves that community activities as an economic buffer can still be maintained during the pandemic.

“Quoting the President’s terminology, it is restarting and rebooting. It is crucial to transform the national economy. Thus, the momentum is now. We will use the momentum of the COVID-19 pandemic to constantly grow in a different way,” he said. (Coordinating Ministry for for Economic Affairs/AIT/UN) (RIF/MMB)

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