National Police Launch Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement System

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 24 Maret 2021
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The launching of National e-TLE Phase 1 in Jakarta (23/03/2021). (Photo by:PR of Indonesian National Police)

Chief of the Indonesian National Police (INP) General Listyo Sigit Prabowo Tuesday (23/04) officially launched National Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (e-TLE) system phase 1.

The launching ceremony was held at the National Traffic Management Center (NTMC) INP Building in Jakarta.

On this first phase, based on the result of the INP previous mapping and researches, e-TLE will be operated in twelve regional police areas equipped with 244 e-ticketing cameras and 12.004 CCTV cameras.

For the record, the twelve areas of the regional police that will implement e-ticketing in this first phase include Metro Jaya Regional Police (98 spots), Banten Regional Police (1 spot), West Java Regional Police (21 spots), Central Java Regional Police (10 spots), Special Region of Yogyakarta Regional Police (4 spots), East Java Regional Police (55 spots), Lampung Regional Police (5 spots), Riau Regional Police (5 spots), Jambi Regional Police (8 spots), West Sumatra Regional Police (10 spots), South Sulawesi Regional Police (16 spots), and North Sulawesi Regional Police (11 spots).

According to Listyo, the launching of e-TLE is a part of the police’ efforts to improve security, safety, order, and smooth traffic flow.

Law enforcement efforts, he added, are needed so that road users can be disciplined and focus on their safety and respect other road users.

On the police perspective, this program is a part of the efforts to enforce the law by effectively utilizing information and communication technology, he added.

By implementing EeTLE, according to Listyo, the police can crack down on ten traffic offences, including traffic lights offence, road markings offence, odd-even traffic policy offence, drivers using mobile phones, drivers driving against the flow, drivers not using seat belts, motorcycle drivers not using helmet, offences of the validity of vehicle registration certificate, offences of restrictions on certain types of vehicles.

Listyo further said that e-TLE not only functions as traffic offences detector, but also as a supporting system to add more evidence should there were traffic accidents or crimes on the road. (PR of Indonesian National Police/UN) (AP/EP)

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