New Social Minister to Involve Ministries, Universities in Work Programs

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 22 Desember 2020
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Candidate for Social Minister Tri Rismaharini (Photo by: Press Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat / Muchlis Jr)

Candidate for Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini revealed a host of flagship programs to be carried out once she takes office with several ministries and universities being involved.

According to Risma, her first program is to improve data on assistance beneficiaries partnering with Ministry of Home Affairs, especially regarding population data, as well as universities in each region.

“It’d be better if we involve universities in our implementation on the ground so our goals can be seen and we can conduct joint evaluations with universities,” she said, Tuesday (22/12).

Second, a community empowerment program.

Risma pointed out that in accordance with the 1945 Constitution, humanity, justice, and the poor and neglected children are under the responsibility of the Government.

“Therefore, we’ll pay attention specially to neglected children and the poor, which we will prioritize for the empowerment program,” she said, adding that based on experience as Mayor of Surabaya, people with disabilities and street children can also contribute to the nation and state.

Third, a community empowerment through cooperation with several ministries, such as Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Ministry of Trade, and Ministry of Industry.

“We’ll empower mothers (to help make ends meet),” she said, adding that the cooperation can be done by forming cooperatives, both at the sub-district and village levels.

On that occasion, she also introduced a program to increase income and reduce expenses through a simple agricultural program partnering with Ministry of Agriculture.

“If we join hands, acceleration of poverty reduction, especially for people in need such as those with disabilities, can certainly be handled in a comprehensive and integrated manner. We will partner with other ministries,” she said.

Risma also mentioned programs for abandoned children so their rights are fulfilled.

“We want all children to obtain access to education and health service,” she said. (SLN/UN) (MUR/EP)

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