Next Year, the Government Will Give Visa-Free Visits Facility to 30 Countries Anymore

By Humas     Date 25 Juni 2015
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Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya

After providing visa-free visits (BVK) facility for travelers from 30 countries, as stipulated in Presidential Regulation No. 69 Year 2015, the government plans next year (2016) will provide the same facilities to 30 other countries.

Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya does not deny, if the granting of visa-free visits facility related to the achievement of the target in order to bring in 10 million foreign tourists. This year the foreign tourists of 10 million, domestic tourism of 255 million per year. But given note, with the enactment of BVK, is expected increase to one million within one year.

“So we believe that the target of tourists this year will be reached around 10.5 million foreign tourists, where 500 thousand of them from BVK. While the domestic tourism will be reached 255 million people,” said Arief told reporters after limited cabinet meeting on tourism, in the office of President, Jakarta, Wednesday (24/6) afternoon.

However, Minister of Tourism reminded, that stakeholders related to tourism should realistic in view of giving visa-free visits facility, by doing outward looking, can not only see to themselves.

He mentioned that Malaysia provide free visas to 164 countries, previously we have only 15 countries. While Thailand 56 countries. Therefore, for visa services, so people if they want to traveling, number one is the visa, if previously constrained because they have to take care of the visa, then they are lazy to visit Indonesia.

The point, Arief Yahya said, the visa waiver would improve service. Second, we competed and tourist destinations not only in Indonesia. “So this needs to be considered. Improve service and reduce competition or increase our competitiveness compared to the closest competitor countries,” Arief said.

Minister of Tourism was hoping that in 2016, a visit visa-free facility will be valid for the 30 new countries. “Please from stakeholders, to provide input which country will be proposed,” he said.

No Refusal

Regarding the response to the 30 countries that have given BVK through Presidential Decree No. 69 In 2015, Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya said the government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked that country granted visa free facility, also gives visa free reciprocity to us.

In addition, the service will be much easier. “Previously colleagues at Immigration when visa free yet, should look at first, no free visa stamp or not. Now it is not necessary. The service becomes easier and faster,” Arief said.  (DND/LIN/UN/ES)

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