No Easing in Large-Scale Social Restrictions, President Jokowi Says

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 18 Mei 2020
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President Jokowi delivers his remarks during the online Limited Cabinet Meeting in Jakarta, Monday (18/5). Photo by: Agung/PR)

The Government has announced it will not yet ease the large-scale social restrictions (PSBB).

“We should not let the public misunderstand that the Government has started to ease the PSBB,” President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo said in his introductory remarks to the online Limited Cabinet Meeting in Jakarta, Monday (18/5).

According to the President, Government is currently pondering a plan or a relaxation scenario that will be decided at the right time by considering the data and facts on the ground.

“We should be careful and avoid making the wrong decision,” he said.

The President went on to say that the Government in the next two weeks would focus on implementing mudik exodus ban and controlling the arus balik (return traffic after Eid al-Fitr annual exodus).

To that end, the President has ordered Chief of the Indonesian National Police (Polri) to ensure the effective mudik ban and has also ordered Commander of the Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI) to support the implementation on the ground.

“Do remember that what we ban is mudik exodus, not transportation. All kind of transportations for logistics, for government affairs, for health sector, for migrant workers’ repatriation, and also for essential economic affairs can still operate with a strict health protocol,” the President said. (FID/EN)



Translated by: Ridwan Ibadurrohman
Reviewed by: Muhammad Ersan Pamungkas

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