No Extreme Congestion at Merak Seaport: Transportation Ministry

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 3 Juni 2019
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Secretary General of Transportation Ministry visits Merak seaport in Banten, Monday (3/6). (Photo by: Transportation Ministry)

Secretary General of Transportation Ministry visits Merak seaport in Banten, Monday (3/6). (Photo by: Transportation Ministry)

As of Monday (3/6) – three day before Eid Day – no extreme congestion is reported in Merak seaport just like in the previous years, according to Transportation Ministry’s Secretary General Djoko Sasono.

Merak seaport is a key transport link between Java and Sumatra and is a major service provider for the heavy passenger and commercial ferry traffic from Merak in Banten province to Bakauheni in Lampung province across the Sunda Strait on the southern tip of Sumatra.

“We do receive reports of the surge in the number of passengers crossing from the seaport compared to the number in normal days, but we are glad that as of now, there is no extreme congestion just like in the previous years. Capacity of the seaport is also still in control,” he said during his visit to the seaport on Monday (3/6).

Djoko added that as predicted, there has been a surge in the number of both passengers and vehicles at the seaport but the condition remains in control. “Queues have been reported but it is certainly normal because these are the days when everyone wants to return to their hometowns to celebrate Eid Day,” he added.

Djoko also commented on the use of e-money that caused long queues. This change, he added, needs process before the people finally get used to it. He also expressed belief that the use of e-money would improve service efficiency and effectiveness for the passengers.

“There is tendency that some of us love carrying cash but a new system is needed to facilitate payment. However, it certainly needs process. I believe that the public will enjoy benefits using e-money,” Djoko said, adding that the Ministry always listens to inputs from the public and the inputs are needed for future improvement

For the record, based on data from state-owned ferry operator PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry as of Sunday evening (2/6), there has been a surge in the number of who cross from Merak seaport to Bakauheni seaport.

The Government has also recorded around 556,727 mudik (Eid traffic exodus) travellers (or 69.4 percent) from the total 803,000 mudik travellers last year that crossed from Java to Sumatera d sejak H-7.

“We have recorded a surge. It is around 60% of the prediction of the travellers that have crossed from the seaport. However, there are still people who are expected to cross from the seaport until Eid Day on Wednesday so there is still 40 percent of travellers that we have to facilitate,” he added. (BKIP Kemenhub/EN)


Translated by: Muhammad Ersan Pamungkas

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