None Joint Government, President SBY in Charge Until 20th October 2014

By Humas     Date 8 September 2014
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foto_joint_gov.President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) dismissed the notion stating as if currently there had been a joint government, i.e. his government which would end on 20th October, and the government of the elected president Joko Widodo (Jokowi) which would succeed him on 20th October.

“The truth is the current government is United Indonesia Cabinet (KIB) II, and until 20th October the one who is responsible for anything related to government is President SBY,”SBY said when chairing Plenary Cabinet Meeting of KIB II at presidential office, Jakarta, Friday noon (5/9).

President SBY affirmed that the transition process to Pak Joko Widodo as the new president took place as the elected president took the oath.

President SBY instructed his ministers to assist consultation with the team of the elected President Jokowi in order to more readily run the government starting from 20th October, but it did not change the things which should be the responsibility of KIB II governance.

Regarding his meeting with the elected President Jokowi in Bali some time ago, President SBY explained that the meeting went well. Some materials could be disclosed to the public through mass media, but there were also some materials which could not be released to the media.

In the meeting with the elected President Jokowi, according to SBY, he had asked him not to blame each other for the policy to be executed. President believed that the elected president would implement the agenda as he had promised during the campaign of presidential election.

Should Report

Regarding the government transition, President SBY said that the elected president would officially assign personnel to hold discussion with KIB. Therefore, President SBY also assigned three Coordinating Ministers (Menko) to arrange meeting with Transition Team of President Joko Widodo.

President SBY thought that transition period was important and the former government would give opportunity to the new government even better. “There has never been a good transition in the previous period, yet it should be pioneered,” SBY said.

President SBY also asked the ministers who had assisted the team of the elected president to report to him as the President in charge.

The plenary cabinet meeting was attended by Vice President Boediono, Coordinating Minister of Politic, Legal, and Security Djoko Suyanto, Coordinating Minister of Economy Chairul Tanjung, Coordinating Minister of People’s Welfare Agung Laksono, Minister of State Secretary Sudi Silalahi, Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam, Ministers of KIB II, TNI Commander Gen. Moeldoko, and Indonesian Police Chief Gen. Sutarman. (Humas Setkab/ES)

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