Normalization Fund of Rp 1.18 trillion, Ciliwung River Expected Free from Garbage

By Humas
Date 5 November 2015
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Normalization Fund of Rp 1.18 trillion

The normalization of Ciliwung River, which flows in the capital of Jakarta, require funding of about Rp 1.18 trillion and is expected to be the clean river, free of garbage and pollution.

“Currently living in Ciliwung only a kind of brooms fish, whereas in the past there were many species of fish in the river of Ciliwung” said Head of the Central River Region Ciliwung-Cisadane (BBWSCC), T. Iskandar in Jakarta (4 / 11).

The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) seeks to accelerate the completion of the normalization of Ciliwung River by working day and night, so it is expected to be completed in 2016.

Iskandar stated that the normalization of Ciliwung project aims to restore the width of the river into a normal condition that is between 35-50 meters.

It is expected the water carrying capacity to be increased from 200 m3/second to 570 m3/ second. Ciliwung River normalization work includes retrofitting of the cliff, making of embankments and road inspection (6 -8 meters) as well as the arrangement of the area along the riverside.

According to Iskandar, the Watershed (DAS) Ciliwung has an area (337 km2) and long reach 109.7 km and the capacity of annual rainfall of 2,500 mm. The flow of this river forked, ie to  Manggarai and to Tanah Abang.

The normalization is divided four packages. First, starting Manggarai sluice – Kampung Melayu Bridge (4.89 km). Second, Kampung Malayu Bridge – Kalibata Bridge (6.61 km). Third, Kalibata Bridge – Condet Bridge (6.49). Fourth, Condet Bridge – JORR Simatupang Bridge (6.18 km).

The main job of this project includes retrofitting cliffs, river channel excavation, making of embankments and road inspection. The physical progress on average about 34%. The total land acquired approximately 94 hectares.

Currently also being made a model, that along Bukit Duri until Abdullah Safii being built road inspection facilities equipped with public bathroom. Along the Ciliwung normalization project also seems there are 20 points that can be used as a green open space area. (RTH)/Sy.

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