On National Family Day, Gov’t Affirms Commitment to Reduce Stunting

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 29 Juni 2022
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Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung. (Photo by: PR/ Agung)

The Government has affirmed commitment to reduce stunting prevalence to 14 percent by 2024 from 30.8 percent and 24.4 percent in 2018 and 2021, respectively.

“The Government will work hard to reduce stunting prevalence since it is one aspect that impedes the growth, progress, welfare, and happiness of a nation,” Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung said in his remarks during the 2022 National Family Day adopting a theme “Prevent Stunting for a Stunting-Free Family”.

According to him, a family is a fundamental foundation for the development of a nation.

“A happy family will lead to a happy nation. A prosperous family will create a prosperous nation,” he further said while encouraging the people to become a prosperous, happy, harmonious, and advanced nation.

On that occasion, the Cabinet Secretary also wished all families in Indonesia a happy National Family Day.

For the record, June 29th was designated as National Family Day based on Presidential Decree of the Republic of Indonesia Number 39 of 2014 on National Family Day issued on September 15, 2014. However, the national family day has been commemorated on every June 29 since 1993. This commemoration is part of a continuous measures to raise awareness and the role of the community towards the importance of a small, happy, and prosperous family. (MAY/UN) (RAS/HD)

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