One More TKI who Dead Executed, the Government Conveyed Hard Protests to Saudi Arabia

By Humas     Date 17 April 2015
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Karni Bt.Medi Tarsim

Indonesian nation received the sad news again. An Indonesian citizen (WNI) who became Indonesian Workers (TKI), Karni Bt.Medi Tarsim, from Karangjunti Village, Losari Sub-District, Brebes District, Central Java, on Thursday (16/4) at 10.00 am local time, had been executed in Yanbu prison, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Earlier on Tuesday (14/4) ago, an Indonesian citizen (WNI), Siti Zaenab Bt. Duhri Arts (47 years), was executed (qishas) in Medina, Saudi Arabia, on Tuesday (14/4) at 10.00 am local time.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir said that the news of the execution of Karni Bt. Medi Tarsim not submitted officially by the Government of Saudi Arabia to the Indonesian Representative in that country. But be obtained from the Task Force the Protection of Indonesian citizen, Consulate General in Jeddah who took the initiative to continue to monitor the prison where there are Indonesian citizen.

“The Indonesian government conveyed deep sorrow and expect the deceased to get the best place on the side of Allah Almighty,” said Arrmanatha in a press statement at the office of the Foreign Ministry, Jakarta, Thursday (16/4) night.

Upon the execution, according to a spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Indonesia once again expressed regret and disappointment, that the Embassy/ Consulate does not obtain official information about the implementation of this sentence. Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the Foreign Ministry in Jakarta to 19.30 pm today.

“Foreign Ministry conveyed a diplomatic note, on the Indonesian disappointment over the execution of the death penalty in the absence of formal notification,” Arramanatha said.

Already Repeatedly

Karni was executed after being found guilty of killing her employer’s son who was four years old. While in court, Karni confessed to killing because of under the threat someone via SMS. If she did not commit the murder, then she would be killed. Because of her actions, in 2013, a local court impose the death penalty to Karni.

Arrmanatha Nasir asserted, Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly attempted to delay the punishment and forgiveness, including through three letters of the President, namely Abdurrahan Wahid, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Joko Widodo, as well to approach the victim’s family.

Government of Indonesia, said the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, continue to make efforts to provide protection to citizens (WNI) who face problems abroad.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia noted, in the period of July 2011 to March 2015, the Government has succeeded in freeing 238 Indonesian citizens (WNI) overseas from the death penalty. (Ditinfomed Kemlu/ES)

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