Original Proclamation Manuscript Returned to ANRI

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 18 Agustus 2021
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The Presidential Secretariat has handed back the original proclamation manuscript to the ANRI (18/08/2021). (Photo by:Presidential Secretariat’s Press, Media, and Information Bureau/Kris)

The original proclamation manuscript handwritten by the proclaimer as well as the first President of Indonesia Soekarno was displayed at the Commemoration Ceremony of Indonesia’s Proclamation of Independence at the Merdeka Palace in Jakarta on Tuesday (17/08).

On the next day, precisely on Wednesday (18/08) the Presidential Secretariat has announced that it has handed back the manuscript to the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia (ANRI).

The handover was carried out by Head of Administrative Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat Sony Kartiko and Director of Preservation of the ANRI Kandar at the Building O of the ANRI in South Jakarta.

The manuscript will be kept and cared properly by the ANRI.

Based on historical records, the manuscript was saved by B.M. Diah, a press figure and independence fighter. Then, the manuscript was handed over to the second president of Indonesia Soeharto and Minister of State Secretary Moerdiono (1988-1998).

In 1992, Minister Moediono handed over the manuscript to the ANRI. (Presidential Secretariat/UN) (AP/LW)

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