PLN Gradually Restores Power in Flood-Hit North Luwu

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation
Date 18 Juli 2020
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Photo by: Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and state electricity company PT PLN have been working on restoring power in North Luwu affected by flash flood and landslide.

PLN has reported that, as of Friday morning (17/7), 328 units (92 percent) of the total 355 electrical substations had been successfully restored.

“Efforts to accelerate the electricity recovery in the affected areas are underway amidst the damaged roads and flood. PLN personnel are working hard on the ground to ensure that the people of North Luwu get access to electricity soon,” Agung Pribadi, Head of the Communication Bureau, Public Information Services and Cooperation of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources said in Jakarta, Friday (17/7).

Agung praised PLN that has deployed approximately 50 personnel from PLN units in Palopo, Tomoni and Masamba to conduct inspection, cleaning, drying and checking electrical substations.

Some areas, namely Malangke, Kanyapu, Pongo, Lara, Lawewe and Mappadecceng, have had 100% rate of electricity recovery. For the cities of Masamba, Radda, Baebunta, Malimbu and Baloli, the rate was 90%, while Kapidi, Poddo, Profit, Sabbang, Salulemo had 82% recovery rate.

For the record, flash flood that occurred on Monday (13/7) affected six districts namely Masamba, Sabbang, Baebunta, South Baebunta, Malangke and West Malangke. A total of 3,627 families or 14,483 people have been displaced by the flood (Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources/EN)



Translated by: Ridwan Ibadurrohman
Reviewed by: Mia Medyana

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