Pramono Anung Shares Tips to Stay Fit while Accompanying President Jokowi

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 6 Februari 2022
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Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung

As the President’s Secretary in government affairs, Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung is often requested to accompany President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo in many occasions. The Cabinet Secretary said that he really enjoys the duty he is assuming.

It is expressed by the man who is usually called Mas Pram during a dialogue with the Presidential  Special Staffer Putri Tanjung on Podkabs Program (Podcast Program on the Cabinet and Cabinet Secretariat). The program was first showing on Friday (02/04) on YouTube Channel and Secretariat Cabinet’s Spotify.

Mas Pratik (Minister of State Secretary Pratikno) and I are the persons who never take a rest. However, we enjoy it, and as a working team, in my opinion, it is one of working teams which is really solid,” Mas Pram said.

Mas Pram added that it takes a good stamina to accompany the Head of State because President Jokowi is a very energic figure and he often conducts working visits to many regions in Indonesia.

“Honestly, we do our services for a President who is workaholic, never stays still, always working, travelling to many places. If we are not fit, not strong enough, not well-prepared, we will be lagging behind,” he said.

To Putri Tanjung, the Cabinet Secretary shared his tips on how to stay fit when having activities with President Jokowi. First, do sports routinely, especially cycling.

“At least, three times a week (for cycling), every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. A hundred kilometers on Saturday. So, the target is 200 kilometers for the whole week,” he said.

Beside cycling, Mas Pram also spends his time to do a video call with his grandchild Shanaya. Mas Pram told that the two years old grandchild usually calls him GD or granddad.

“My grandchild is really the source of my energy; we do video calls almost every day. If I do not make a video call, then she will. She calls me GD and she calls my wife mici. So, “mici” is actually a Greek word (for grandmother),” he said.

Mas Pram’s another activity is to be active in social media. Unlike in daily performance, the Cabinet Secretary revealed that on social media, he does not want to be so serious. The social media account is handled by Mas Pram himself without an administrator.

“Three things that I post are my grandchild, cycling, and President Jokowi. I do not want to be so serious on my social media, because my daily life is full of seriousness related to issues of laws, the offices [in the government institutions], and conflicts of interests,” Mas Pram said.

The Cabinet Secretary added that he is also actively monitoring updates on social media. Other activities done by Mas Pram is watching sports games, such as basketball and cycling, trying new technology devices, such as virtual reality, and other productive activities.

“We can learn so many things nowadays from the people that we have never thought of before, for instance, Ghazali, the boy who is famous because of his selfies. People did not think that it would make money, make income, it is amazing, and now people have the opportunity to be somebody,” Mas Pram said.

Furthermore, Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung told that he is also encouraging a new atmosphere in Cabinet Secretariat that he leads. Beside the Podkabs as a facility for an easy and more relax public communication, Mas Pram has also started new traditions in Cabinet Secretariat, such as watching movie together, gathering, and creating Cabinet Secretariat’s hymn.

“I have started new traditions. Now, we are proud to have our own hymn, watching movie together. Those small things can make us more united,” he said.

Answering Putri Tanjung’s question on how he feels about the activities and routines he is dealing with, the Cabinet Secretary firmly said that he enjoys what he is doing.

“I feel that during seven years of my duty, I am very happy, there are no small things that become obstacles,” he said. (MAY/FID/TGH/DND/JW/UN) (AW/MMB)

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