President Calls All Ministers to Work Faster, Solid, and Not to Blame Each Other

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 27 Juli 2016
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President Jokowi chairs Plenary Cabinet Meeting in Istana Merdeka, Jakarta

President Joko “Jokowi”Widodo wanted all ministers dan heads of institution to work faster, more effectively in a solid and cohesive team supporting each other.

“No more blaming each other. If there is a mistake, it will be our mistake because we are in the same work team” Jokowi mentioned this in the first Plenary Cabinet Meeting after cabinet reshuffle in Merdeka Palace, Jakarta on Wednesday (27/7).

President reminded that there is no minister’s vision and mission, there are only of the  President and Vice President. He emphasized that all ministries/institutions should be in the same line with the vision and mission and all the policies, both established in the Plenary Meeting and in the limited meetings.

Moreover, President emphasized that before establishing any policy having a great impact on the people, we should discuss them in the Cabinet meeting either Plenary Meeting or Limited Meeting, preceded by meetings in related Coordinating Ministries.

”I don’t want if there is any matter having great impact on the people, then suddenly there is a Ministerial Decision or Circular Letter issued. We should discuss it first in a meeting, at least in a Limited Meeting”, President stated firmly.

President also reminded that the decisions taken in cabinet meetings should be fully supported and consistently implemented. “Nobody takes his own way. If there is a presidential decision issued, we should be in one direction and give it full support,” he asserted.

For cross-sectoral problems in the development, President instructed to solve them by cross-sectoral cooperation, coordinated by the coordinating ministries. “So, once again, do strengthen the synergy, work in a solid, cohesive and supportive team,” he said.

The Plenary Cabinet Meeting was attended by the Vice President Jusuf Kalla, the Coordinating Ministers, the Ministers of Working Cabinet include the head of National Intelligence Agency Sutiyoso, the head of National Counterterrorism Agency Suhardi Alius, and the head of Creative Economy Agency Triawan Munaf.

Focus on Food

At the beginning of giving his directives, President Jokowi asked to continue the infrastructure projects if they have started. In the health area, he said that he always checks the actual situation, like once he visited a hospital and the data he obtained, almost 90% of the patients in the third class have already had the Indonesia Health Cards. “This is great. I think this condition is also reflected in our evaluation. It is a fact that the rank is as it is,” he said.

According to President, at the next stage, the big problem we must focus first is food, everything related to the food price. The second one is reducing the economy gap, not only between the rich and the poor, but also the development gap amongst the regions.

“This problem is so important that we must solve it. In my opinion, anything related to poverty and unemployment should be solved fast. We should go for it,” he said. (RMI/ES) (FW/HE/AM/LW)

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