President Joko Widodo: In Democracy, It’s OK if Madura Wants to be a Province

By Humas     Date 10 November 2015
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President Joko Widodo: In Democracy, It’s OK if Madura Wants to be a Province

President Joko Widodo does not have problem with the intention of a number of people in Madura Island to create a new province separated from East Java Province, as happended over the years.

“In democracy, it’s ok if Madura wants to be a province,” the President said to the journalists after  the inauguration  of ship operational in Ujung Piring Village, Kota Sub-district, Bangkalan, on Tuesday (10/11).

The President asserted that democracy does not prohibit a region to be a province. Even, Madura is not the only one that wants to be a province. Other regions on Sumatera, Papua, Kalimantan also have similar intention.

However, the President reminded that it should pay attention to the conditions, for example the prerequisite of minimum amount of regencies/cities in a province.

The President was actually invited to the Declaration of Madura Province that was held in Ratoh Ebu Hall, Bangkalan, East Java, on Tuesday (10/11). However, the President decided not to attend the event.

Still long way to go

Separately, Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo asked the patience of all people who want Madura Island to be a province because it needs to go through the procedure of province segregation.

The Minister said that there are a number of regions that also have similar intention but their proposals have not been discussed by the House of Representatives. Therefore, Madura must stand in line of segregation proposal if this region wants to create a new autonomy region.

 “It’s still long way to go. I have not received the proposal. It must be submitted to the National Legislation Program first,” Tjahjo said in Jakarta, on Tuesday (10/11).

The Minister reminded that to region segregation should pay attention to people’s welfare and equitable development as well as juridical problems such as population and region boundaries. It must also take into account the amount of the sub-districts, regencies, and cities. “These are the matters that should be settled first,” Tjahjo stated. (MMB/YM/Naster)

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