President Joko Widodo Instruction : Saturday, Sinking Those Three Ships Related With Illegal Fishing

By Humas     Date 5 Desember 2014
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President Joko Widodo Instruction : Saturday, Sinking Those Three Ships Related With Illegal Fishing

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) instructed Menko POLHUKAM Tedjo Edy Purdjianto to sinking three ships which were used to steal fish in Indonesian water, on Saturday (6/12). “Few hours earlier, I instructed Menko POLHUKAM to sinking the ships used by foreigners to steal fish in Indonesian waters on Saturday (6/12)”, Jokowi wrote in his fanpage facebook, uploaded on Thursday (4/12) night.

According to the Head of State, the message is that Indonesia is serious in taking firm action towards illegal fishing. “We have to keep our ocean from robbery by outsiders”, he says firmly. On Friday (5/12) morning, President Jokowi continues his message through facebook, that the sovereignty of Indonesian territory includes land, air and oceans. Therefore, in every inch of it is the honor of this nation.

“Just like Javanese proverb used to be said by Bung Karno regarding the sovereignty of Indonesia: “Sadumuk Bathuk Sanyari Bumi Ditohi Pati”, every inch of territory defended by the risk of live because this is our honour”, says Jokowi. President reminds this nation born from patriotism, attitudes that shows love to homeland, to love Indonesia unconditionally. “the same love that become the obligation of this nation to safe guard Indonesia today and to pursue better future, more honorable and prosperous”, he says.


Regarding the instruction to sinking the ships related with illegal fishing, two vessels of TNI AL; KRI Barakuda-633 and KRI-631 have arrived in Anambas island, of Riau Islands, on Friday (5/12) morning. “We sinking them. Those three ships are belong to Vietnam”, says the Commander of KRI Barakuda-633, Marine Major (P) Saryanto.

Saryanto then pointed the three Vietnamese Ships, about 1000 yard from KRI Barakuda-633. Those ships are said have done illegal fishing in Indonesian water.

The three ships are :

1. KG 90433. ATS 005, with Captain Van Thanh Son. Two Seamen and this ship is loaded with fish.

2. KG 94366 TS. ATS 006, with Captain Nguyen Duy. 23 Seamen, all of them are foreigners.

3. KG 94266 TS. ATS 012, with Captain Nguyen Duc Van. 20 Seamen (all foreigners) and this ship is loaded with fish.

According to Saryanto, KRI Barakuda-633 would save the captains and seamen from those three ships before blown the ships. (*/ANT/ES)(Ifp)

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