President Jokowi Appreciates KORPRI Members’ Dedication Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 29 November 2020
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President Jokowi delivers his remarks at the commemoration of the 49th Anniversary of the Indonesian Civil Servant Corps (KORPRI), Sunday (29/11). (Photo by: Press Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo expressed his appreciation to the Indonesian Civil Servant Corps (KORPRI) members for their enthusiasm in carrying out their service duties amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In carrying out the duties, there must be many difficulties and limitations. However, I hope that these difficulties and limitations do not become a barrier for us to work swiftly and quickly in order to help overcome various problems in the health and economic sectors,” President Jokowi said virtually at the commemoration of the 49th Anniversary of KORPRI, Sunday (29/11).

The Government, the President said, must continue to accelerate bureaucratic and structural reforms. The current pandemic, he said, provides momentum for a fundamental change from using ordinary means to extraordinary ways.

Bureaucrats, the President said, have to get used to using technology. He added that the pandemic is the momentum for most bureaucrats to work from home, accelerate digital transformation, and make the bureaucratic apparatus more adaptive and more skilled in utilizing technology by promoting innovation and creativity.

“Apart from that, structural reforms cannot be delayed any longer. Complex regulations that hinder work creativity must be trimmed and simplified. Large and complex, overlapping, and inefficient government institutions must be integrated immediately,” the President said.

The President also said that the echelon positions must be trimmed to speed up decision making. Long and rigid SOPs should be summarized and more flexible as well as results-oriented. As a consequence, the competence of the human resources of the state civil apparatus (ASN) must adjust.

The ASN, he said, must also continue to carry out national duties. The existence of ASN in all parts of Indonesia including remote borders and villages is a knot that unifies the nation, those who always safeguard and practice the values ​​of Indonesian ideology of Pancasila, faithfully protect and submit to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, maintain the values ​​of the pledge of Unity in Diversity (Bhinneka Tunggal Ika), and preserve values ​​of tolerance and harmony.

“ASN in all parts of Indonesia must also drive the development in all corners of Indonesia, convey the priorities of the national development program to the community, be active in public education, set an example in social life, and become a motor of development and change, especially for people in rural and remote areas,” the President said.

Therefore, on this occasion, the President also invited all KORPRI members to become an important part of the massive change process that the Government is currently carrying out and provide a valuable legacy in the history of the nation’s journey to realize an advanced Indonesia.(BPMI/FID/UN) (FI/LW)

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