President Jokowi Appreciates Women’s Great Role in Indonesia

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 24 Oktober 2018
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President Jokowi a traditional music instrument ‘bedug’ at the opening of 2018 International Young Muslim Women Forum , at Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday (24/10). (Photo: OJI/PR)

President Jokowi beats  a traditional music instrument ‘bedug’ at the opening of 2018 International Young Muslim Women Forum , at Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday (24/10). (Photo: OJI/PR)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo expressed his appreciation and respect for women in the development of this country. As a person, the President claimed to be very confident in women’s capability.

“A cabinet usually only has three to four female ministers, but in my cabinet I appointed nine female ministers,” President Jokowi said at the opening ceremony of the 2018 International Young Muslim Women Forum, at Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday (10/24 ).

According to the President, among those nine female ministers, some are soft and gentle like Minister of Health Nila Moeloek, and some are aggressive like Minister of Marine and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti, who had sunk 343 illegal ships.

There is also Retno Marsudi, Minister of Foreign Affairs who is persistent and never gives up (in fighting the nation’s interest) in every international dialogue. “She can be both fierce and gentle,” said the President.

In the 2018 Asian Games, President Jokowi continued, 12 of 31 gold medals obtained by the Indonesian contingent were grabbed by female athletes.

“I am very proud of the Indonesian spiderwoman, Aries Susanti and Puji Lestari, who can climb the wall very fast. There is also an Asian wushu queens Lindswell Kwok,” added President Jokowi.

The President went on to say in Indonesia, there are a number of women figures, such as Laksamana Malahayati, Dewi Sartika, Kartini, Christina Martha Tiahahu, and many more.

Today, continued the President, numerous female figures also have inspired us, such as Sinta Nuriyah Wahid—a tolerance activist, Butet Manurung—teacher of Anak Dalam Tribe in Jambi Province, Aleta Baun— a conservationist who has received many awards and Sri Rossyati – Sri Irianingsih—school pioneers for street children.

In the film industry, President Jokowi called Rini Sugianto, an animator of Hollywood films such as Avengers and Iron Man 3.

“Those are the achievements that we must appreciate,” said President Jokowi.

Therefore, President Jokowi explained the Government’s efforts to empower the economy of the people, especially women.

One of the efforts is he has urged the establishment of Micro Waqf Bank in 33 Islamic boarding schools to provide capital for women who have business spirit, adding that there are also 50 Vocational Training Centers in Islamic boarding schools, and next year the Government is planning to establish at least 1,000 more.

“There are women’s roles in many sectors, such as garment, computer, design, and so on. Human resources are the key to future development,” said President Jokowi.

The President also expressed his belief that this forum will produce many new breakthroughs and ideas.

Present on the event were Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi, Chief of Indonesia’s largest Muslim organization Nahdatul Ulama (PBNU) Kyai Haji Marsudi Syuhud, and Chief of Fatayat NU Anggia Ermarini. (UN / OJI / ES)

Translated by : Estu Widyamurti
Edited by : Mia Medyana

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