President Jokowi Ask the Indonesian Ambassador Emphasizes the Economic Diplomacy

By Humas     Date 2 Februari 2015
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Raker Kemlu

Jokowi President delivered a speech in Ministry of Foreign Affairs Work Meeting 2015 at Gedung Pancasila, the Foreign Ministry, Jakarta, Monday (2/2)

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) asked the Indonesian ambassador to friendly countries in order to put forward the economic diplomacy. He said, the Indonesian ambassador should be having keen instinct to see economic potential in the state placement.

“Actually, there are opportunities everywhere and opportunities are taken in areas which, clearly visible. During the three months became president, 90 percent are taken care about  economy, “President Jokowi said when opening Working Meeting of the Officials of Foreign Ministry with the Indonesian Representatives Abroad, at Gedung Pancasila, Foreign Office, Jakarta, Monday (2/2 ).

President Jokowi said that his experience while serving as a Governor of Jakarta, in 2012-2014. During two years as governor of Jakarta, Jokowi said, mostly or approximately 99 percent of the affairs are handled together with the representatives of friendly countries in Indonesia is related to the economy.

He took the example, when the Government Provincial of Jakarta plans to build the mass rapid transportation (MRT), many ambassadors who came to him to ask what can be provided by the company from their home countries

“The Ambassadors come and ask me, where the train was purchased. Could you purchase from my country, if there are companies that participate. So, if there is a big job, the ambassador should be active”, President Jokowi said.

Affirms the Existence of the State

Earlier, Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno L.P. Marsudi in the report said, is an honor for the diplomatic corps of the Republic of Indonesia that the President may attend in Work Meeting between Foreign Ministry officials with the head of Representative of Indonesia abroad.

Retno said, Work Meeting entitled “Diplomacy for the People: Affirms the existence of State in Foreign Politics” that aims to harmonize measures and strategies of diplomacy and foreign politics of Indonesia. “By equipping which concrete nature, the diplomats are expected to be able to speak one voice and move in one motion to fight for the interests of Indonesia, “said the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Furthermore, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said that based on the vision and mission of national development submitted by the President and Vice President as well as the direction of the President in cabinet meeting in October 27, 2014, and based on full awareness as a maritime nation, Indonesia’s foreign policy will be prioritized for four terms. First, to protect the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia. Second, to protect the citizens of Indonesia (WNI) and the Indonesian legal entity (BHI) abroad. Third, improve the economic diplomacy, including maritime diplomacy. Fourth, increase the role of Indonesia in the region and international.

“The work of Indonesian diplomats should be able to benefit for the people and nation of Indonesia. According to the constitution, Indonesian diplomacy should also be able to contribute to the peace and prosperity of the world,” said Minister.

Work Meeting the Foreign Ministry official with the Indonesia’s Foreign Representatives held from 2-5 February 2015, followed by 132 heads of representatives, ambassadors, consulates general and permanent authority Indonesia.  (AOS/WID/ES)

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