President Jokowi Calls for Joint Efforts to Reduce Stunting

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 7 Juli 2022
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President Jokowi on the event, Thursday (07/07), Medan, North Sumatra. (Image source: a screenshot)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo Thursday (07/07) has invited all elements of nation to work hand-in-hand to reduce stunting in Indonesia.

“I invite all people to move and work together, synergize to reduce stunting and all the root causes of the problem to prepare quality human capital for our next generation,” President Jokowi said in his remarks at the Peak Commemoration of 29th National Family Day 2022 held under the theme “Ayo Cegah Stunting agar Keluarga Bebas Stunting” (“Let’s Prevent Stunting, so that Our Families Are Stunting Free”, in Medan city, North Sumatra province.

The President also underscored the importance of the country’s next generation to be well prepared since they determine the face of Indonesia’s future.

“If our children are smart, intelligent, it is easy for us to compete with other countries. Conversely, if our children are stunted and malnourished, it will be difficult for us to compete with other countries,” he said.

According to the Head of State, food self-sufficiency is also important for the people, not only to meet the nutritional needs of the families but also to anticipate the global food crisis.

“There should be no empty land. Use it to produce daily food needs and increase the nutritional intake of our children,” the President said, adding that he is eyeing to reduce stunting rate from 24.4 percent to 14 percent in 2024.

President Jokowi also expressed belief that the efforts made by the Central and regional governments to reduce stunting will immediately yield fruitful results if collectively done.

“I believe that the family is the pillar of the nation’s welfare. The family is the first and foremost ecosystem in nurturing, educating, to form healthy, nutritious, and quality humans,” he remarked. (FID/UN) (GWH/MUR)

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