President Jokowi Calls on Civil Apparatus to Strengthen Dedication to Country

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 29 November 2021
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Jokowi Kemeja Putih

President Jokowi

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo called on all bureaucrats joining the Indonesian Civil Servant Corps (KORPRI) to maintain their exceptional dedication to the nation and the state amidst rising public expectations and increasingly complex changes.

“The KORPRI must continue to transform, to affirm the act of service as civil servants, to serve the state, to innovate and develop new ways of work that are more efficient, continue to adapt to the development of science and technology, to provide effective solution in short time, so their presence can be felt by the public,” President Jokowi said at the 50th Anniversary of the Indonesian Civil Servant Corps (KORPRI), from Manggala Wanabakti Building, Jakarta, Monday (29/11).

According to the President, all KORPRI members must stand at the frontline in carrying out bureaucratic reforms, scrapping regulations that hamper services, simplifying organization to be more agile, eliminating sectoral egos, and cutting red tape, as well as making the service process faster.

On that occasion, President Jokowi delivered four points of note for the members of KORPRI.

First, all members regardless of their positions in office must uphold one core value, namely provide the best services for the public.

“Keep upholding the core values of state civil apparatus; service orientation, accountability, competency, harmony, loyalty, adaptability, and collaboration,” he said.

Second, they are encouraged to make sustainable breakthroughs and innovations, as well as to change their mindset and ways of work.

“Avoid inefficiency and complication. There are many problems that cannot be solved by one sector alone. Thus, all units, ministries or institutions must collaborate across organizations, across regions, across fields of science, across professions. Do apply e-government to increase the speed and credibility of services,” he added.

Third, all members should maintain and strengthen integrity of public apparatus, as well as create a more transparent and accountable bureaucracy.

“Don’t make things complicated. Don’t take illegal levies and increase burden of our people. Create a clean government that is free from corruption, collusion and nepotism,” he firmly said.

Fourth, they are urged to enhance their roles as the ones who strengthen the unity and integrity, safeguard the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, the 1945 Constitution, and national motto “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” (Unity in Diversity).

“Build strong cooperation with all components of the nation and together manifest an advanced Indonesia that we are longed for,” he said.

On that occasion, the President also expressed his appreciation to KORPRI for the services, dedication, and hard work in serving the public and ensuring the governance.

“Members of KORPRI throughout the country are the ones who unite the nation and affirm the state’s presence to provide services to the public far and wide,” he remarked. (MAY/UN) (RAS/MUR)

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