President Jokowi Calls on People to Help Landslides Victims in Central Java

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 20 Juni 2016
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President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo conveyed his condolences for landslides that hit several regions in Central Java.

The landslides  were triggered by heavy rains since Saturday (18/6) and  have left at least 35 people dead.

The President also called on people to help the victims.

“Floods and landslides hit several regions. My condolences go out to the victims of landslides in Central Java. We must help the victims,” President Jokowi said in his twitter account @jokowi on Sunday (19/6).

According to the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB), the number of casualties from floods and landslides in Central Java were 35 people dead, 25 people missing and 14 injured, while hundreds of houses were damaged and the economic losses were estimated at billions of rupiah.

“The search for those still missing, evacuation, and measures to deal with the emergency continue to be made.  Flood waters in most areas have subsided, while the search continues for those still buried in several landslides spots,” Head of Data, Information, and Public Relations of BNPB Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said in his press release on Sunday (19/6).

Sutopo mentioned the number of casualties from floods and landslides in several regencies in Central Java, including in Purwerejo Regency where 19 people died, 25 people missing and 11 injured; Banjarnegara Regency where 6 people died, and 3 injured; 7 people died in Kebumen Regency; and 1 people died in Sukoharjo, Rembang, and Banyumas Regencies respectively.

“Most of the victims died and missing in the landslides. From 35 death bodies, 31 of them died in a landslide, while 4 victims were swept away by floodwaters,” Sutopo said.

The worst-hit landslides area was Purworejo Regency, where people died in 5 locations.  While, 9 people died, 6 people missing, and 1 injured in Karengrejo Village, Loano Subdistrict; 1 people died, and 1 injured in Pacekelan Village, Purworejo Subdistrict; 2 people missing in Jelog Village, Kaligesing Subdistrict; 1 people died, and 4 missing in Sidomulyo Village, Purworejo Subdistrict; and 4 people died, 11 missing and 2 injured in Donorati Village, Purworejo Subdistrict, Sutopo added.

“Joint Search and Rescue (SAR) team still continue to search for the missing amidst the lack of access, particularly the road heading Dorowati Village which is severely damaged and affected by the landslide that makes rescuers cannot haul in heavy equipment to search victims buried in their land,” Sutopo explained adding that the search is conducted manually by hundreds of Joint Search and Rescue (SAR) personnel and 5 heavy equipments are used to search victims in Purworejo.

Head of BNPB Willem Rampangilei coordinated with the Governor of Central Java to deal with the floods and landslides emergencies, while Regional Agency for Disaster Management (BPBD) has provided logistics and equipment in BPBD’s warehouse to help residents in affected areas.

“BNPB’s Quick Response Team assists the BPBD in the disaster locations to deal with emergency situation. BNPB deployed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to conduct a rapid assessment in disaster impact, while Magelang, Temanggung, and Wonosobo Agency for Disaster Management (BPBD) help the handling of the emergency situation in Purworejo,” Sutopo said.

Sutopo also warned the residents to always be alert with life-threatening environmental conditions because there is the potential for heavy rain until 20 June 2016. (Humas BNPB/ES) (RAS/EP/YM/Naster)

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