President Jokowi Calls on People to Participate in Population Census

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 24 Januari 2020
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The atmosphere of the Implementation of the 2020 Population Census, the State Palace, Friday (24/1). (Photo by: PR/Jay).

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has called all government apparatus and the people to provide full support in the 2020 Population Census.

“The key to the success of this year’s population census is the participation of all elements of the nation,” President Jokowi said in his remarks on the Implementation of the 2020 Population Census at the State Palace, Friday (24/1).

For this reason, the President invited the public to participate in both the online population census (15 February-31 March 2020) and direct population census (1-31 July 2020).

The President added that population problem in Indonesia is also related to distribution of the population because of the 267 million of the citizens, 56 percent live in the island of Java.

Therefore, the President added, the population should be shifted to the new capital so that there will be an even distribution of population and economy. “The island of Java is just one of the 17,000 islands we have,” he said.

President Jokowi further said that the most important thing to be established in the new capital is a new system for the competition will be tougher in the future.

“A fast country will defeat a slow one,” he said. (FID/EN)



Translated by: Galuh Wicaksono
Reviewed by: Muhammad Ersan Pamungkas

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