President Jokowi Calls on Public to Follow Health Protocols During Large-Scale Social Restrictions

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 7 Mei 2020
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President Jokowi delivers his statement on the Implementation of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB), Thursday (7/5), at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta. (Photo by: BPMI)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo urged the public to follow strict health protocols during the implementation of Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB), despite the slowdown in COVID-19 cases

“We strive and hope that the COVID-19 peak will soon decline,” President Jokowi stated, Thursday (7/5), at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta.

However, President Jokowi said that the number of cases could still go up and down. “It means that before the invention of an effective vaccine, we should live in peace with COVID-19 for some time,” he added.

According to the President, Indonesia was fortunate for choosing PSBB, instead of a total lockdown or regional quarantine. He added that the PSBB allows public activities with limitation in the number of people attending, although the public should still maintain their distance.

He asserted that PSBB requires the public to heighten their awareness in limiting themselves from large social gatherings.

“I noticed that in some regions, from the information I received, the road was quiet, but there were still crowds of people in the village,” the President said, adding that to prevent COVID-19 spread, he believed on reducing physical interaction, maintaining distance, wearing face masks, and frequent hand washing after activities.

“But we also want the wheels of the economy to keep turning, people can have limited activities, but they must comply with health protocols,” the President said.

President Jokowi invited the public to be consciously discipline. “Often, I still encounter people who do not wear face masks. Please use your masks, refrain yourselves from mass gathering,” he added.

On the occasion, the President also reaffirmed the importance of compliance in following health protocols. “This measure requires our disciplines, the public discipline as well as the role of the state apparatus who work in precise and measured manners,” he concluded. (UN/EN)



Translated by: Fairuzzamani Inayatillah
Reviewed by: Lulu Wuliarti

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