President Jokowi Delivers Social Assistance Programs to People in Manokwari, West Papua

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 5 April 2016
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President Jokowi delivers social assistance programs to residents in Manokwari on Tuesday (5/4)

Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo on Tuesday (5/4) in Manokwari, West Papua Province delivered five social assistance programs – the Aspiring Family Program (PKH), the Social Assistance Card for Severely Disabled People (ASPDB), the Elderly Assistance Cards (ASLU), the Smart Indonesia Card (KIP), and the Rice for Prosperous People (Beras Rastra) to 22 representatives of the residents.

The President’s arrival was met with enthusiasm from the residents who crowded the pier of the Indonesian Navy in Sanggeng Sub-district, West Manokwari District, West Papua Province, where the President delivered those social assistance programs.

On that occasion, the President said that the PKH program proves the Government’s commitment in delivering social assistance for the people.

According to the President, the Government has increased the budget into Rp 9.98 trillion in 2016 from the previous Rp 5.6 trillion, while the amount is different for every family, depending on their respective condition.

President Jokowi also hopes that these programs can be used well and these must not be used for useless things.

“The money must be used for your children’s education and for their health services. Don’t use the money for your cell phone top-up voucher,” the President said.

In the meantime, for residents with severe disabilities, the Government has provided aids within the scheme of ASDP and those who are entitled for the funds receive Rp. 300,000 per month and it is disbursed once in every four months.

In the meantime, the ASLU, which is intended for the elderly, shows the state’s respect and appreciation for them so they can enjoy their life happily and peacefully.

In the meantime, Rastra is the rights for the underprivileged and the distribution must not be misused.

Furthermore, in order to guarantee that children in Manokwari can receive formal education, the President also distributed the KIP.

Based on the data from the Ministry of Education and Culture, the target of KIP in West Papua Province is 93,280 elementary school students, 34,068 junior high school students, 9,735 high school students, and 13,386 SMK (vocational school) students.

In the meantime, Minister of Social Affairs Khofifah Indar Parawansa said that the PKH program in West Papua has been implemented in three regencies and cities only out of 13 regencies and cities and it is expected that in June 2016, all regencies and cities will have received them.

In the meantime, it is recorded that aids were given to 121 disabled people in West Papua and 52 disabled people in Manokwari.

The total amount of PKH program in West Papua reaches Rp. 31.4 billion, the total amount of aids for the disabled reaches Rp. 435.6 million, the total amount of aids for 250 elderly people reaches Rp. 600 million, and the total social aids in West Papua reaches more than Rp. 150,85 billion. (TKP/ES) (Naster/YM/EP)

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