President Jokowi Distributes TORA Decree in West Kalimantan

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 5 September 2019
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President Jokowi has a dialog with TORA decree recipients in West Kalimantan Province, Thursday (5/9). (Photo by: Rahmat/PR).

President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo on Thursday (5/9) in Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province, has distributed Decree on Land Objects for Agrarian Reform (TORA) covering 133,000 hectares to 5,200 families.

In his remarks, President Jokowi said that the distribution of the TORA decree is carried out by the Government to distribute land and provide legal certainty to the people. He also ordered the recipients to complete the administration process to the Regional National Land Agency (BPN) office in order to get the certificate.

“It will be easier to process the certificate if you already have the decree,” the President said.

By distributing the TORA decree, President Jokowi continued, now not only large companies hold the land management right but also individuals. “There are 133,000 hectares of land that we share through TORA decree,” he added.

On that occasion, the Head of State also urged the people to use their land productively. “Later, I will order someone to check whether the lands are actually used or not,” he said.

The President also said that Governor of West Kalimantan Sutarmidji had promised to provide assistance for those who would use their land for productive things. If they want to plant durian, for example, the regional government will find good durian seeds and if they want to grow other plants, then it will help to find the good seeds. (FID/RAH/ES)



Translated by: Galuh Wicaksono
Edited by: Mia Medyana

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