President Jokowi Establishes Joint Fact-Finding Team for Malang Kanjuruhan Tragedy

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 6 Oktober 2022
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President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has issued Presidential Decree of the Republic of Indonesia (Keppres) Number 19 of 2022 on the Establishment of Independent Joint Fact-Finding Team (TGIPF) for the Malang Kanjuruhan Stadium incident.

The Presidential Decree was issued to seek, find, and reveal facts related to the tragedy that occurred at the Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang, East Java province, Saturday (10/01). The tragedy caused the death of at least 125 people and injured other victims, which caused deep sorrow for both the families of the victims and the Indonesian people.

“It is necessary to take action to seek, find, and reveal facts supported by reliable data and information, as an evaluation material to avoid similar events from happening in the future, and to provide justice for the victims and/or their families as well as the community in regard to the tragedy,” reads the Decree.

Based on Presidential Decree Number 19/2022, the TGIPF has duties to search, find, and reveal facts supported by reliable data and information on the Malang Kanjuruhan Stadium incident. In addition, it also has duty to conduct a thorough evaluation of the implementation of the football match between the Malang football club Arema Team and the Surabaya football club Persebaya Team, including the security procedures regulated in the legislation, as a guide so that similar incidents will not occur in other football matches.

The TGIPF has the following authorities:

  1. coordinate, request assistance, and summon various parties who are aware of the occurrence of the incident, either directly or through law enforcement officers and/or security forces in order to obtain relevant and accurate data and information as materials needed to reveal the actual facts related to the incident at the Malang Kanjuruhan Stadium;
  2. visit the office, building, or the place where the incident occurred or other places related to the incident at the Malang Kanjuruhan Stadium;
  3. request information, documents, objects, or other forms related to the incident of the Malang Kanjuruhan Stadium; and
  4. do other things that are deemed necessary in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations to reveal the truth in the incident at the Malang Kanjuruhan Stadium.

The Presidential Decree states that the TGIPF is obliged to work in professional, proportional, accountable, transparent manners, and to maintain the confidentiality of fact-finding results before being officially announced by the President. It is also obliged to maintain the confidentiality of sources if the person concerned expresses objections to his data being published.

The TGIPF works under and is responsible to the President. This Decree mandates that the TGIPF work period is a maximum of one month from the date of its enactment.

“The TGIPF submits the final report to the President,” reads the closing provisions of the Presidential Decree which has been in effect since its stipulation on October 4, 2022.

The following is the list of the TGIPF members:

Chairperson : Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs

Deputy Chairperson: Minister of Youth and Sports

Secretary : Nur Rochmad

Member :

  1. Rhenald Kasali
  2. Sumaryanto
  3. Akmal Marhali
  4. Anton Sanjoyo
  5. Nugroho Setiawan
  6. Doni Monardo
  7. Suwarno
  8. Sri Handayani
  9. Laode M. Sharif
  10. Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto


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