President Jokowi Expects Sayung-Demak Toll Road to Serve as Sea Wall

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 25 Februari 2023
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President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo expressed hoped that Sayung-Demak toll road can improve logistics transportation and serve as a sea wall to prevent tidal flood in Demak regency, Central Java province.

“I appreciated the newly-inaugurated Sayung-Demak toll road. This second [section of Semarang-Demak toll road] can also serve as a sea wall,” the President said after the inauguration of Sayung-Demak toll road, that is the second section of toll road connecting Semarang and Demak, on Saturday (02/25), at the Sayung toll gate, Demak regency.

The President went on to say that he predicted tidal flood will reach farther and higher areas due to climate change. Therefore, the sea wall structure built on the Sayung-Demak toll road can prevent the flood.

In addition, the section spanning 16.01 km which construction spent Rp5.9 trillion is also expected to connect production areas with centers of industries in the surrounding area.

“I also would like to remind governors, regents, and mayors to immediately connect all completed toll road projects throughout the country with production areas in their respective regions,” he firmly said adding that the connectivity between industrial areas, agricultural and plantation areas, and tourist areas will boost efficiency and competitiveness of Indonesian products.

Thus, the toll road will bring concrete benefits to speed up transports of logistics including agricultural and plantation products which will eventually boost efficiency and competitiveness. (FID/UN) (RAS/ MMB)

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