President Jokowi Expressed Condolences Over the Hercules Plane Crashed in Medan

By Humas     Date 1 Juli 2015
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President Jokowi Expressed Condolences Over the Hercules Plane Crashed in Medan

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) expressed condolences over the crash of Hercules C-130B, in Medan, North Sumatra, on Tuesday (30/6) afternoon, and pray for the family may be given patience and strength.

The condolences were conveyed by President Jokowi through his official twitter account Joko Widodo @jokowi that uploaded on Tuesday (30/6) night.

“My family and I expressed condolences over the crash of Hercules C-130. May the bereaved families are given patience and strength. -Jkw,” Wrote Jokowi adding Jkw code as a sign of himself that uploaded the message.

The president called for the evacuation of victims of Hercules plane should be prioritized. Furthermore, we evaluate the age of the aircraft and defense equipment. “May be we kept away from the unfortunate accident,” wrote Jokowi.

As known C-130B Hercules plan belonging to the Indonesian Air Force crashed two minutes after takeoff from the airport Suwondo, Medan. Pilot Captain Sandy Permana had planned to return to the runway, however crashed in public places.

The plane that comes from 32 Air Squadron Air Force was carrying 101 passengers along with 12 crewmembers.

Head of Information Lanud Abdul Rachman Saleh Malang Lt. Sutrisno on Tuesday, said that the Hercules plane pilot is Captain Sandy Permana with two co-pilot, First Lieutenant Pandu Setiawan, and Second Lieutenant Dian Sukma.

Lt. Sutrisno explained, the Hercules plane that flew to Medan were on a mission of general aviation. “Before departing from Malang, this Hercules plane in airworthy condition, so it was flown to undergo an operation, and today Hercules flew halfway,” he said.


Meanwhile, Chairman of the DVI Team North Sumatra Police, Commissioner of Police Setio Purwanto said on Wednesday (1/7) will begin the identification of the victims of heavy transport aircraft C-130B by Disaster Victim Identification team (DVI) North Sumatra Police.

Currently the North Sumatra Police DVI team is still waiting for data on victims of their families to be matched with the data of victims after death.

Data itu selanjutnya akan ditangani tim KNKT dan gabungan tim dari Markas Besar Kepolisian Indonesia, Polda Sumatera Utara, RSUP Adam Malik, dan RSUD Pirngadi Medan.

Karena itu, Setio Purwanto berharap keluarga korban agar secepatnya mengirimkan data itu kepada pihak rumah sakit melalui posko yang didirikan di depan RSUP Adam Malik, Medan

Furthermore, the NTSC team and the joint team of Indonesian Police Headquarters, North Sumatra Police, Adam Malik Hospital, and the Hospital Pirngadi Medan will handle the data.

Therefore, Setio Purwanto hopes the families of victims immediately to send the data to the hospital through the command post set up in front of Adam Malik Hospital, Medan. (*/ES)

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