President Jokowi Gives Directives on Handling Mount Ruang Eruption Evacuees

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 3 Mei 2024
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Jokowi leads a limited meeting on the handling of Mount Ruang eruption evacuees, in Jakarta, Friday (05/03). (Photo by: PR/Agung)

During a limited meeting at the Merdeka Palace in Jakarta on Friday (05/03), President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo delivered several directives on handling evacuees following the eruption of Mount Ruang in North Sulawesi province.

The President’s directives are as follows.

First, the President ordered the acceleration of the relocation of evacuees affected by the eruption. He emphasized that based on existing spatial planning, the displaced residents are not allowed to return to their original locations.

“Relocation for settlements must be accelerated, as well as land affairs, including housing and work-related affairs,” the President said.

Second, the President called on relevant officials to ensure the new locations are suitable and appropriate. In particular, the Head of State ordered Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning (ATR)/Head of the National Land Agency (BPN) Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono to conduct on-site checks.

“Do make sure that the intended location is clear and clean. So, Minister of ATR should properly check the locations,” he said.

Third, the President ordered the relevant officials to immediately develop schemes related to funding, assistance, and budget calculations needed for the relocation.

“And most importantly, identify several damaged buildings and affected infrastructure, be it schools, hospitals, or bridges, and calculate the budget needed,” he said.

For the record, Mount Ruang in Siau Tagulandang Biaro Islands regency has been erupting since April 16. The eruption has displaced around 9,000 people and caused the evacuation of approximately 12,000 residents. (DND/UN) (FI/MUR)

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