President Jokowi Hands Over Food Aids at C. Kalimantan Bulog; Ensures Continuity Until December

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 27 Juni 2024
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President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo Thursday (06/27) inspected the Government’s rice supply and distribution of food reserves assistance at the State Logistics Agency (Bulog) warehouse in Buntok, South Barito regency, Central Kalimantan province.

On that occasion, the President asked beneficiaries whether or not they had received food assistance from January to June while confirming that the distribution of 10 kilograms of rice per month will continue until December.

The President also pointed out that the food assistance program used the State Budget, while underscoring the importance of accurate calculations to ensure fund sufficiency.

“We have calculated whether or not to continue, whether or not the State Budget could accommodate. The amount is in trillions, huge. It is 10 kg per month for 22 millions of our people,” he said.

The President also stressed that Bulog has adequate rice supplies, with 1.7 million tons available nationwide and 1,500 tons stored at Bulog Warehouse in Buntok, adding that the global food prices rose due to production decline.

“Why did productions decline? Because there are heat waves that persist in many countries, not just in Indonesia,” he said, adding that the Government has continued to boost production to lower rice prices.

The Head of State also underscored the importance of striking a balance between farmers’ satisfaction and consumer price affordability.

“The Government must strike a balance and it is not easy. We must keep the prices that make both farmers and the public happy, but it is not easy,” he remarked. (BPMI of Presidential Secretariat/AIT) (DH/EP)

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