President Jokowi: Improve EoDB Ranking and Public Trust

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 8 Agustus 2017
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President Jokowi attends the inauguration of IPDN graduates in Jatinangor, West Java, Tuesday (8/8). (Photo: PR/Rahmat)

President Jokowi attends the inauguration of IPDN graduates in Jatinangor, West Java, Tuesday (8/8). (Photo: PR/Rahmat)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo raised the issue of the Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) in Indonesia and the public trust in the Indonesian Government, in another part of his speech while inaugurating the 2,014 Young Graduates of state-run Institute of Public Administration (IPDN) Batch 24 of 2017, at IPDN Campus, Jatinangor, Sumedang, West Java, on Tuesday (8/8) afternoon.

“Indonesia’s EoDB ranking has now increased from rank 106 in 2016 to 91 in 2017. We should improve it from year to year. And the Gallup International survey also shows people’s high confidence in the Government,” President Jokowi said. He also added that in the survey, Indonesia ranked first along with Switzerland and is higher than other developed countries.

When it comes to human development index or HDI, President Jokowi continued, this is for the first time in history, Indonesia’s position rose from medium high development category to high human development. “We should not only maintain it, but improve it, take it forward, and we must develop it well,” the President said.

President Jokowi reminded the Young Graduates that they should be leading in a change of mindset, attitudes, as well as the system and good governance. The President added that the world has changed rapidly, and it is the Young Graduates who will be able to make changes and adapt to the progress, both the progress and changes in technology and others. “People will compare, do not get surprised. For example, people can compare the speed of food ordering service via mobile phone with the speed of making Resident ID cards (KTP). Also, the paradigm shift, the expectation of the Millenial generation, who can change the face and ways of workings of Indonesia in various fields,” the President said.

President Jokowi also reminded the Graduates to always be a guard of Indonesia who is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity). “Give quick, good services equally to all the people. Never discriminate people on the grounds of their skin color, origin, religion, and others,” President Jokowi concluded.

The inauguration of the 2,014 Civil Service Young Graduates of IPDN Batch 24 of 2017 was also attended by First Lady Ibu Iriana Joko Widodo, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Wiranto, Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo, and Presidential Chief of Staff Teten Masduki. (RMI/RAH/ES) (MUR/YM/Naster).

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